My friends and I wonder lots of times why we do what we do…why do we keep fighting this battle, tasking those silly politicians, questioning what they tell us?  It’s the kids…just turn around and look into those eyes, at those pictures and tell me that you want to do what ever you can to leave them a better world.  We need you.  We need your help at the events, at the meetings, and most of all to spread the word.  If not us, who will be questioning those who want to lead us down the wrong paths?  Do you still believe they’re doing things to protect what’s in your best interests?  Let’s see, how much money was Exxon making in 2005 at 1.68 a gallon…it was still billions…I have the picture.  And by the way for all those Obama freaky people…check with your congressman on the bill for the 50 cent UN tax that he wants…he’s not even the Prez yet, and already he’s trying to get a UN tax to save the poor poverty stricken people of Africa.  Just wait til they are ordering drapes for the oval office…you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Ask them questions…question yourself about what rule book we should be using to elect and run this country.  No idea?

See you down the road.