Supreme Court Spits in the Face of the Constitution Again

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This is getting to be a sad situation when even the SCOTUS ignores the Constitution and does it right in your face.Indeed, the Court has spit again in your face.

By now you know that the Supreme Court has denied certiorari without comment to New Jersey attorney Leo Donofrio’s petition, a document that was simple enough for even a Member of Congress to understand. Donofrio’s argument did not depend on where Illegal Alien-Elect Hussein was born. All the evidence available so far – including the fact that he refuses to produce a genuine Hawaiian birth certificate and the fact that his grandmother says she was there when he was born in Mombasa – says he is not a natural born citizen and therefore is ineligible to be President.

But, again, Leo Donofrio’s argument did not depend on that. On one of his own sites, Hussein says that he was a British subject (as well as an American) when he was born, because that is what his father was. Remember, that is what Hussein says himself. And a dual-citizen at birth – a citizen born with divided loyalties – cannot be natural born. He cannot be President.

Also, remember that Donofrio was not asking the Supreme Court to rule that Hussein cannot be President. His petition simply asked that, since Hussein’s eligibility has been seriously challenged, he be required to prove it. As many observers have noted, this should have been quite simple. Although everything about the man is secret – his college records, his law school records, his medical records, his client records and on and on and on – had he simply produced a non-forged, genuine birth certificate, his citizenship and all other questions would have disappeared.

What principle has the High Court installed with this ruling? If a candidate for the presidency no longer must prove his eligibility under the law – the Constitution – then certainly no one else is required to prove his eligibility for any other government job. To whom more is granted, more is required. More is required of a candidate for President. If he is not required, certainly you are not either.

Until now, you needed to validate your resume to get a driver’s license or a library card, to qualify for Medicare, to work in the Post Office, etc. Now you don’t. The liars at the law schools will say this is poppycock. Ignore them Wait for the lawsuits. Wait for the lawsuits from other illegal aliens like Hussein, who maintain that they need prove nothing because Hussein does not.

The Court once again, as it has so many times for so many years, has spit in the face of the U.S. Constitution. By invalidating the clear and crucial constitutional language about presidential eligibility, it has invalidated the Constitution itself, or at least tried to. Before you argue that my argument is not based in law, remember that the process I mention goes all the way back to 1954 and Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954), in which the Warren Court cited not law, but a book by a foreign Communist to foment a revolution that led to riot, murder and outrages like forced school busing. (See my book, It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights.)

Need I remind you that you are superior to the Supreme Court, that the only power it has is power you have delegated, power you could rescind and take back. Need I remind you that you are superior to the President, to the Congress, indeed, to the Constitution itself, which you created. And now the Low Court has spit in your face.

Here are some thoughts from the President of the United States: “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men and not more so. They have with others the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps.

“Their maxim is boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem [good justice is broad jurisdiction], and their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots. It has more wisely made all the departments co-equal and co-sovereign within themselves.” — Thomas Jefferson to William C. Jarvis, 1820. ME 15:277

“This member of the Government was at first considered as the most harmless and helpless of all its organs. But it has proved that the power of declaring what the law is, ad libitum, by sapping and mining slyly and without alarm the foundations of the Constitution, can do what open force would not dare to attempt.” — Thomas Jefferson to Edward Livingston, 1825. ME 16:114

In other words, the Supreme Court does not deserve the reverence it receives. It has no more of your delegated power than the other branches. It is not superior to them. It is merely co-equal. It is nine politicians in black robes. Again, this comes to us from the President of the United States. In the face of this usurpation, where are we headed?

Hussein said recently that Americans should stop their present frenzied purchase of guns. Hussein said they have nothing to fear because he is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. Of course his record from the beginning gives him the lie. His appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General confirms that he will do everything he can to confiscate your guns. It is difficult to believe that any man could be as big a liar as former President Billy Bubba Slime (“I did not have sex with that woman”), but Illegal-Alien Elect Hussein could surpass him.

Indeed, a bill is now circulating through state legislatures that would require registration of all ammunition and eventual confiscation. The theory apparently is that if they can’t get your guns they will neutralize them by taking the ammo. They are trying to sneak it through into law before you hear about it. Question: What do you intend to do with all those guns? Whom would you shoot?

More cases like Leo Donofrio’s are moving through the courts. A day or so after you read this, another will arrive at the Supreme Court. Hey, High Court! This is your chance to prove me a fool. What a delight it would be say I was wrong; to celebrate the Supreme Court’s reaffirmation that the Constitution is supreme. How likely is it that the Court will show such judicial courage?

The few media morons and conspiracy factotums who have mentioned the issue now say the High Court ruling settles the matter. James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal scoffs at the issue. Rush Humbug, Sissy Levin, Shallow Sean Hannitwit, Loopy Laura, Hugh Blewitt & Company go out of their way to avoid it. Los Angeles radio faggot Al Rantel and Bull Dyke Tammy Bruce apparently did mention it but contrary orders must have gone down because now they tell their listeners not to. Tammy warned that bloggers who do so would be permanently banned from her site.

But the issue will not go away. If the High Court fails to require Illegal-Alien Elect Hussein to prove his eligibility, it will fester. Innumerable ramifications will erupt during his “Administration.” Suppose, in obedience to his Caucasian masters, he orders the military to make war on Iran (without the Declaration of War the Constitution requires, no less). What would the military do?

Remember, you are not asking them to deny the presidency to Hussein. You are merely asking them to require him to prove his eligibility. This should be very easy to do for lame ducks like Tar Heel Elizabeth Dole, for instance, who has nothing political to lose and therefore nothing to fear. On her way out, lame ducks like her could have the last laugh by performing this historic service to the Constitution.

“Barack Obama is the best candidate for the Hispanic community because our community wants a united country. Obama is an immigrant. When he speaks to Latinos, he doesn’t just speak about immigration and civil rights. . . .” Remember, this is not a criticism of Hussein, not an attack. Top Democrud Richardson means this as a high compliment. So his comment is what the lawyers call an “admission against interest.”

And he says Illegal-Alien Elect Hussein is an “immigrant.” That means he is not a “natural born citizen.” Which in turn means he is ineligible to be President. Here is the link to the interview. Go there and listen a few times: Then pass our slogan along.

Repatriation – Not Inauguration.

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Federal Reserve Refuses FOIA Request from Bloomberg

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Well this is not surprise either….the federal reserve won’t tell anyone where the $2 trillion went that was used for the bailout……..Well I’ll repeat what I’ve heard a lot since 9/11….”if you don’t have anything to hide, you have nothing to fear” federal reserve! But guess what? The Federal Reserve isn’t federal……just like Federal Express isn’t federal, so the freedom of information act doesn’t apply to the Federal Reserve.

Bankers Refuse to Honor Bloomberg’s Freedom of Information Act Request

As Bloomberg reports today, the Federal Reserve has refused “to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral.” On November 7, Bloomberg filed a Freedom of Information request to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of “emergency loans” from U.S. taxpayers and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral, but the private banker syndicate has told Congress and the American people to go fish.

Bloomberg notes that the Freedom of Information Act requires federal agencies to make government documents available to the press and the public. However, the Fed is not a federal agency, it is a cartel of private bankers. It is a consortium of twelve private banks which are not part of the United States government and does not answer to it.

The Fed controls our monetary system and acts at the behest of large national and international private banks. 100% of its shareholders are private banks and none of its stock is owned by the government.

Expecting a cartel of private bankers to respond to a FOIA is to say the least an exercise in futility.

Perpetuating the scam and the illusion, the Fed tells us they are subject to oversight by Congress, which periodically reviews its activities and can alter its responsibilities by statute. “As we know from watching the business news, ‘oversight’ basically means that Congress gets to see the results when it’s over,” writes Ellen Brown. “The Fed periodically reports to Congress, but the Fed doesn’t ask; it tells.”

In response to the Bloomberg FOIA, the Fed said it is “allowed to withhold internal memos as well as information about trade secrets and commercial information,” in other words it does not owe the American people the transparency it initially promised before the purse strings were loosened. Fed mob boss Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in September they would comply with congressional demands for transparency.

We just witnessed a full week of Wall Street experts on television threatening the American people, and President Bush threatening Congress, claiming that ‘to do nothing’ will result in a economic crisis — possibly a depression,Patrick Henningsen wrote on October 3. “So constituents called their Congressional representatives telling them to ‘do something’. No one is entirely sure what that something should be, so most Congressmen and women guessed that ‘something’ must be a $700 Billion ‘get-out-of-jail card’ for the bankers.”

As it now stands, that paltry $700 billion figure has ballooned to an astounding $8.5 trillion, a figure that represents almost 60 percent of the nation’s estimated gross domestic product. As the San Francisco Chronicle admitted, the “final cost won’t be known for many years.” Most of the money, about $5.5 trillion, will be printed by the Fed crime syndicate on its fantasy printing presses and loaned to the government. Our children, grand children, and great-great grand children will be on the hook to pay off this stellar debt — currently 10 trillion dollars, projected to go to 11 trillion or more in two years — for decades to come. It’s a dream come true for the international bankers.

“There has to be something they can tell the public because we have a right to know what they are doing,” Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Arlington, Virginia-based Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, told Bloomberg. “It would really be a shame if we have to find this out 10 years from now after some really nasty class-action suit and our financial system has completely collapsed.” In fact, the banker debt scam is already crashing the economy, as planned.

“The fall of the US economy will have a domino effect and bring about a worldwide depression that will further depress the US economy and bring a full fledged inflationary depression worse than the great depression of the 1930’s. When this happens most companies will go bankrupt and will be nationalized,” notes Don Koenig. “When the US economy goes down it will take the world economy with it. This economic collapse will cause great civil unrest all over the world, cities will be filled with riots and later with troops.”

It really is naive to believe the Fed will respond to a mere FIOA request and reveal the details of its plan to crash the global economy. Bloomberg’s lawsuit against the Fed is commendable, however it is predicated on a false and dangerous assumption: that the Fed is a government institution answerable to Congress and the American people. It is not, although the illusion is alive and well.

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