I saw Mike’s article about Genetically Altered Crops, and I thought I’d put in my two cent’s worth.   Honey Bees are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of all the food we eat. They provide 80% of the country’s pollination services and are responsible for over 15 Billion dollars in Agricultural crops each year. Yes, that’s right over 15 Billion!!

   More than 25% of the Western Honey Bee population has virtually disappeared over the last several winters and Colony Collapse disorder (or CCD)  has been reported in over 35 states and other countries as well. Chemical exposure is believed to be one of the factors causing our Honey Bees to disappear, as well as other factors.

   That means every time you use weed killers and harmful insecticides you are harming a Bee colony and other friendly yard and garden critters, such as the Butterfly and the lovely Lady Bug. Even those pesty Wasps have a place in your backyard habitat. (do you know how many spiders they dispose of each year?)

   There are many safe products to use around your home and garden that won’t destroy one of our most precious and vital insects. Almost every Garden Supply and Hardware store offer safe alternatives ( such as insecticidal soaps).

     So along with trying not to buy genetically altered foods we must also be aware of chemicals that harm Honey Bee populations.  For without the Honey Bee, we greatly reduce our ability to grow and eat the foods we enjoy every day.

Just an observation.