We as a Nation now have another name to add  to our ever growing list of  shame. Now we are known as a Nation of torturers. Yeah, yeah, blah,blah, who cares? Right? Well, we are always up to something awful. My goodness! What are we thinking torturing those people at Guantanamo? Hey, all they did was blow up the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and tried to slam a plane into the nations Capitol?

  My question is this, why are they still prisoners? Why have they not been put on trial and found guilty, sentenced to death and been put in front of a firing squad? I mean is there a lack of evidence?

    Didn’t Mohammed and other members of the Shura Council say that what they were accused of “was a badge of honor that we carry with pride, many thanks to God for his kind gesture and for choosing us to perform the act of Jihad for his cause and to defend Islam and the Muslims”?

   What war were the innocent people on the planes and at the Twin Towers fighting that day? What war were the children in the day care center inside of the Twin Towers fighting on 9/11? These admitted murderers are still alive while we debate what prison to put them in. Why? These terrorists are allowed 3 meals a day, allowed to bathe, exercise in a yard and live while the rest of us still mourn the loss of our loved ones.

    I do agree we should stop the waterboard torture, because we are ignoring one of their rights, the right to a speedy trial. So lets get on with it. We are supposed to be looking for ways to better our economy and spend less money. Cutting out those three meals a day for this bunch sounds like a good place to start economizing.