You know this article just shows how Topsy Turvy  America has gotten. We have made a complete 180% turn around from our first 175 yrs of government officials believing it was their right and duty to encourage Christianity in public schools to now being a criminal offense. I just don’t have the words to express how insane this is, especially since you consider we haven’t changed the 1st amendment in any way shape or form through Congress making a new law. It is the courts that are making new laws today and that’s unconstitutional. In the video I’ve posted with this article the Liberty Counsel attorney says the ACLU wanted the to have the Student President banned from speaking at graduation because she was a Christian and “MIGHT” say something offensive…….MIGHT?  What a disgrace to the founding fathers, our country’s Christian heritage and this country’s Constitution.  Anyway here’s this amazing and shameful story.

Noah Webster (founder of Webster’s dictionary) “The Bible was America’s basic textbook in all fields.” [Noah Webster. Our Christian Heritage p.5]

“Education is useless without the Bible” [Noah Webster. Our Christian Heritage p.5 ]

George Washington, “What students would learn in American schools above all is the religion of Jesus Christ.” [speech to the Delaware Indian Chiefs attempting to convince them to send their children to American schools… May 12, 1779]

Florida administrators stand trial for prayer in school

Frank Lay, Pace High School principal, and Robert Freeman, the school’s athletic director, will appear on criminal contempt charges for offering public prayer in a public school. The administrators face up to 6 months in jail and a $5,000 fine for offering a mealtime prayer. Lay and Freeman go on trial today at a federal district court in Pensacola for breaching the conditions of a lawsuit settlement reached last year with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). By violating the court order, the two are in danger of being found in contempt of court.

Pace High School, located in Florida’s Santa Rosa County School District, is a school of more than 1,800 students. Pace is known by many as “the Baptist Academy.” For years, teachers and staff delivered prayers, mandated students complete religious-oriented assignments and encouraged involvement in religious clubs. Teachers offered Bible readings or biblical interpretations and talked about the churches they attended. Christian prayers during sporting events and other activities were common. All this was encouraged and endorsed by Principal Frank Lay.

The school district has allowed flagrant violations of the First Amendment for years. The Pace High School teachers handbook asks teachers to “embrace every opportunity to inculcate, by precept and example, the practice of every Christian virtue.”

After years of warnings and abuse, last year the ACLU finally filed a lawsuit against the Santa Rosa County School District, claiming that teachers and administration “endorsed” religion. Rather than fight, the School District consented to the entry of an order that prohibited, among other things, all prayer at school-sponsored events. Nine days after Lay signed the temporary injunction, he was accused of violating the order.

While both men are guilty, Lay deserves some time in jail. Lay was the one in charge. Lay asked Freeman to violate the court order. Lay knowingly asked and encouraged a subordinate to break the law. Lay’s contempt for the law and the constitution are reprehensible. His promotion and enforcement of Christianity within his school is truly criminal. Perhaps the greatest crime was that Lay was allowed to promote his religion for years unchecked. It is clear he hired faculty and staff who would support his agenda of proselytizing and evangelizing public school students. Such behavior is despicable, and deserves the full penalty of the law.

Principal Lay was warned repeatedly. He signed a document giving his word he would not engage in such activity only a week prior. Yet he violated the court order; he demonstrated that he was not a man of his word – his signature, his bond, his guarantee – meant nothing.

It would send a positive message to the kids if he served some jail time. No one is above the law. Those who break the law should be punished.

Lay showed contempt for the law. He abused his position of authority. As such, he is incompetent, and should not be allowed to lead a public institution such as a high school. He brings shame to himself and his community. His actions show a disrespect for faculty, students, and the nation.