Rep. Pete Stark Calls Bush A Liar Twice On House Floor

The House voted Tuesday 240 to 179 for a rare disciplinary resolution, accusing Wilson of a “breach of decorum” that brought “discredit to the House.” It was a near party-line vote. All but seven Republicans voted “no” and 17 Democrats declined to support the resolution, voting “no” or “present.”

The House historian’s office said that no “resolution of disapproval” had been passed to upbraid a member of the House in the past 20 years.

Since democrats are acting particularly sanctimonious about Wilson and pretending they’ve never seen anyone call the president a liar before, let’s take a trip down memory lane…

Here’s  Rep. Pete Stark calling President Bush a liar on the floor of the House not once — but twice back in October 2007 while Congress was in session. Where was their outrage then?