This looks like Chicago style politics to me, straight from the White House: At least you’ll know why behind the scenes certain people or organizations are against the Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill.

Phoenix Suns get $140 million TARP bailout and support Obama against Arizona immigration law

There are a lot of small business owners who buy season tickets to the Phoenix Suns. The other day we were talking about why all of the sudden the Suns were so much against the recent Arizona immigration bill 1070 passed by Jan Brewer our governor of Arizona. This is the exact same law that has been  in  Federal immigration statutes for over seventy years and the exact same immigration law that California has had for decades.

So why are the Suns so anti 1070? We have just found out that the Suns owner Robert Sarver received a $140 million TARP bailout from Mr. Obama. Do you think there is a connection?

Nothing remarkable here. There really is no connection. Move along. Move along.

And we can’t help wonder what exactly is so critical to the economy that people have to go see others play basketball?

The Phoenix Suns: Progressive X’s and O’s

2010 May 18
JC Arenas

” Pardon me for being cynical, but is team owner Robert Sarver using his franchise to support the federal government’s anti-Arizona immigration law stance because his bank, Western Alliance Bancorporation, received $140 million in TARP funds?

Moreover, in 2008, Sarver was a big contributor to then pro-Amnesty presidential candidate, John McCain, but now that McCain has switched sides on the issue, Sarver has thus far only donated money to Democratic candidates for the 2010 midterm elections.” More…