What in the world is going on here? Is our government that afraid of people that want to uphold the Constitution and pledge to not obey ‘unlawful’ orders?  Oathkeepers is not a militia…When our government thinks this kind of person is a “threat”, something is bad wrong…..bad wrong!

The affidavit  said “… the Division became aware and confirmed that Mr. Irish associated with a militia known as the “Oath Keepers”…” It was in forms from the DHHS and DCYF and signed by “Child Protective Service Worker” Dana Bicford on October 7th at 11:57AM.

I’m adding this great Bible verse my good friend Lisa DeClue reminded me of, that fits perfectly with what’s happening:

Isaiah 5:20, the perpetrator of evil condemns the victim, and good & evil are reversed.

Peaceful Oath Keeper’s Newborn Baby Seized at Hospital!!!

Setting a chilling precedent and in a manner befitting the most tyrannical of regimes, the government seized a newborn baby girl today because the father has associated with the lawful, pro-peace, pro-constitution, anti-violence Oath Keepers. What makes this particularly scary is exactly that, that the ‘Oath Keepers’ is a peaceful, pro-rule of law organization which supports serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters and reminds them of their oath to the Constitution of the United States in a direct and open manner.

This move is further proof of the radicalization of the government agents and their fear of the Constitution and the rule of law.  Why else would they be going after peaceful law abiding citizens who have are not charged with a crime ,and go to the extend of breaking apart the family bonds.
The father, Jonathan Irish, has helped organize meetings around his home town in New Hampshire for over a year, but as far as we are aware is not an official part of the organization.   His facebook page shows that he has an interest in the Constitution, the second amendment, the bill of rights, martial arts, guns, the Dukes of Hazard, and the bible. All thoroughly American interests.  The mother Stephanie Janvrin fits the all American girl part; Her profile shows two beautiful toddlers at her household and show pictures of a most normal family. She is 22 years old, has two gorgeous toddlers, and a thoroughly normal facebook profile:
“All a girl really wants is a man in faded jeans and cowboy hat/boots, who owns a big truck with mud on the tires…”

“is IN LOVE with a boot wearin, gun shootin, truck drivin, bocephus blarin’ country boy  ”

We spoke with one of their close friends today who told us that the family had been dutifully saving all their pennies for the arrival of baby Cheyenne, and that they were ecstatic at the birth and said that she was born a beautiful and healthy baby, and that the family was in shock the government could take away a baby from their family at less than 24 hours of age, when it needs her mother the most.

Baby Cheyenne was taken away at Concord Hospital  by the so called Department of Health and Human Services, and the Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF).

This story was broken by George Hemminger, who is seen struggling with pain as he interviews Jonathan, baby’s Cheyenne father:

“We told them that we wanted the have the pediatrician come check out the baby so that we could get discharged and go home… Well the director of security comes in with the head nurse and say “No we are going to take the baby to the nursery to have the pediatrician check her out so you guys can go home” They lied to us! They got us to allow them to take our daughter under false pretenses, as a matter of fact, we didn’t even have a choice. I tried to stop them and tell them to bring the doctor in the room and they refused to, and they just wheeled our daughter out… I see three different individuals wearing suits and I saw detective badges…. I am like… Who are they!? And she says DCYF which is Division of Child Youth and Family Services. Next thing you know three uniform patrolmen and I think 3 or 4 detectives… … and proceeded to tell me that they are taking my daughter. My fiance didn’t even get any time to bond with the baby. They came in and stole our child! In the affidavit… … it says that they know I have affiliations… … a militia known as the Oath Keepers. And first of all, I don’t know if you know anything about Oath Keepers, but they are a far, far cry from a militia. As a matter of fact the Oath Keepers frown upon any kind of uprising, I guess you can say, which is what a militia could be… …Tried to refuse to allow me to give my daughter a hug and a kiss… got to spend a few minutes with my daughter and then we were told to leave…”

The affidavit  said “… the Division became aware and confirmed that Mr. Irish associated with a militia known as the “Oath Keepers”…” It was in forms from the DHHS and DCYF and signed by “Child Protective Service Worker” Dana Bicford on October 7th at 11:57AM.

If we in this “Free Country” are not free to associate with lawful and peaceful open organizations, or have to fear what many have termed “abduction” of our newborns if we do, who are we free to associate with or to do?! What government department is going to list the allowed organizations if we are not to have our children taken away from us?  Where does it stop; are we free to visit with the Boy Scouts?

Jonathan Irish and Stephanie are at home with the kids.  Neither has been charged with a crime at the time of this writing and none are expected. We at the Daily Tea Party ask them to remain strong and to know that the Freedom Movement community stands with them during this difficult period.  Everything will be alright, this perversion of justice can not last long once the light of truth and media scrutiny is shined.