Relaxing on Illegals Voting, Here’s the way the Dem’s sneak in…


This is an outrage, it’s a slap in the face of people who want to be citizens, who are citizens and those who fought and died for the right to be called a citizen. Oh, you noticed I said Dems…well, if allowed to vote, read WHO they would vote for…no reason other than I like..  Other than that line, and a few expletives that I won’t print…I know of nothing else to say, except this is from Fox News:

Oct. 19:  Claude Rwaganje, a resident of Portland, Maine, for more than 13 years, speaks at a news conference. Portland residents will vote in November on a proposal that would give legal residents who are not U.S. citizens the right to vote in local elections.

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Oct. 19: Claude Rwaganje, a resident of Portland, Maine, for more than 13 years, speaks at a news conference. Portland residents will vote in November on a proposal that would give legal residents who are not U.S. citizens the right to vote in local elections.

PORTLAND, Maine — Like his neighbors, Claude Rwaganje pays taxes on his income and taxes on his cars. His children have gone to Portland’s public schools. He’s interested in the workings of Maine’s largest city, which he has called home for 13 years.

There’s one vital difference, though: Rwaganje isn’t a U.S. citizen and isn’t allowed to vote on those taxes or on school issues. That may soon change.

Portland residents will vote Nov. 2 on a proposal to give legal residents who are not U.S. citizens the right to vote in local elections, joining places like San Francisco and Chicago that have already loosened the rules or are considering it.

Noncitizens hold down jobs, pay taxes, own businesses, volunteer in the community and serve in the military, and it’s only fair they be allowed to vote, Rwaganje said.

“We have immigrants who are playing key roles in different issues of this country, but they don’t get the right to vote,” said Rwaganje, 40, who moved to the U.S. because of political strife in his native Congo and runs a nonprofit that offers financial advice to immigrants.

Opponents of the measure say immigrants already have an avenue to cast ballots — by becoming citizens. Allowing noncitizens to vote dilutes the meaning of citizenship, they say, adding that it could lead to fraud and unfairly sway elections.

“My primary objection is I don’t think it is right, I don’t think it is just, I don’t think it is fair,” Portland resident Barbara Campbell Harvey said. (Read the Constitution lady, it matters not what you think. – SH)

In San Francisco, a ballot question Nov. 2 will ask voters whether they want to allow noncitizens to vote in school board elections if they are the parents, legal guardians or caregivers of children in the school system.

Noncitizens are allowed to vote in school board elections in Chicago and in municipal elections in half a dozen towns in Maryland, said Ron Hayduk, a professor at the City University of New York and author of “Democracy for All: Restoring Immigrant Voting Rights in the United States.”

New York City allowed noncitizens to vote in community school board elections until 2003, when the school board system was reorganized, and several municipalities in Massachusetts have approved allowing it but don’t yet have the required approval from the Legislature, he said.

The Maine ballot questions asks whether legal immigrants who are city residents but not U.S. citizens should be allowed to vote in municipal elections. If the measure passes, noncitizens would be able to cast ballots in school board, city council and school budget elections, as well as other local issues, but not on federal or statewide matters. (Excuse me, how can you be a legal immigrant and not a U. S. Citizen? – SH)

The Maine League of Young Voters, which spearheaded the drive to force the question on the ballot, estimates there are 5,000 to 7,500 immigrants in Portland, roughly half of whom are not U.S. citizens. They come from more than 100 countries, with the two largest groups from Somalia and Latin America.

On a recent day in a small lunchroom at the Al-Amin Halal Market, a group of Somali men ate lunch and talked in their native language. A sign advertised the day’s offerings, including hilib ari (goat), bariis (rice) and baasto (spaghetti).

Abdirizak Daud, 40, moved to Minneapolis 18 years ago before coming to Portland in 2006. He hasn’t been able to find a job. Some of his nine children have attended Portland schools, and he’d like to have a say in who’s looking over the school system and the city, he said.

But between his limited English and the financial demands, Daud hasn’t been able to become a citizen.

“I like the Democrats. I want to vote for Democrats, but I don’t have citizenship,” he said.

To become a citizen, immigrants must be a lawful permanent resident for at least five years, pass tests on English and U.S. history and government, and swear allegiance to the United States.

Supporters of Portland’s ballot measure say the process is cumbersome, time-consuming and costly. The filing fee and fingerprinting costs alone are $675, and many immigrants spend hundreds of dollars more on English and civics classes and for a lawyer to help them through the process. (OK, so let’s simplify the process, not bypass it. – SH)

Allowing noncitizens to vote fits with basic democratic principles, Hayduk said.

Historically, 40 states allowed noncitizens to vote going back to 1776, but an anti-immigrant backlash in the late 1800s and early 1900s resulted in laws that eliminated their voting rights by 1926, Hayduk said.

“We look back in history and we say that was a bad thing that we didn’t allow African-Americans to vote, or we didn’t allow half the population, women, to vote, or we didn’t allow younger people to vote,” he said. “We’ve modified our election laws to become more inclusive to incorporate more members of society.”

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C., group that advocates tougher immigration enforcement, says voting is a privilege and should be limited to citizens.

“People who are legal immigrants to the United States after a five-year waiting period can become citizens and become enfranchised,” spokesman Ira Mehlman said. “But until then, being here as a legal immigrant is a conditional agreement, sort of like a trial period. You have to demonstrate you are the type of person we would want to have as a citizen, then you can become a citizen and vote.”


Spoof:Barbara Boxer Tells General Don’t Call Me Maam-Call me Senator

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This is really funny, just couldn’t resist posting it. If you haven’t seen it and need a good laugh this is the video to watch and pass around.

‘Airplane!’ director cuts ad poking fun at Boxer for ‘ma’am’ exchange with general

A well-known Hollywood producer and director has cut an ad against Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) riffing on when the senator chided an Army brigadier general last year for calling her “ma’am.”

David Zucker, the director of the 1980 comedy classic “Airplane!” who has worked on myriad films including the “Naked Gun” and “Scary Movie” franchises, directed the “Call Me Senator” spot for Right Change, a 527 and 501(c)4 organization “committed to supporting policies and candidates dedicated to fiscal responsibility and a strong national security for the United States, while upholding the principles of freedom, competitiveness and entrepreneurial spirit of the American people.”

The spot goofs on Boxer’s testy exchange with Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh at a June 2009 hearing of the Committee on Environment and Public Works. “You know, do me a favor,” Boxer told the officer, who was using military protocol to address those higher on the chain of command by “sir” or “ma’am.” “Could say ‘senator’ instead of ‘ma’am?'”

“Yes, ma’am,” Walsh responded. “It’s just a thing, I worked so hard to get that title, so I’d appreciate it, yes, thank you,” Boxer continued. “Yes, senator,” he responded.

Zucker has described himself as a “9/12 Republican” who switched to the party out of national security concerns but remains liberal on environmental and social issues.

The Hill

Muslims Praying in Paris Streets today – – unbelievable!!!!!


Here is an example of what’s happening in Paris France today. A hidden camera caught this video

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Congressional Report: Obamacare Costs America Nearly 800,000 Jobs

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What was it Nancy Pelosi said, “the health care bill will create 400,000 jobs.” Even Obama said it would be a job creator. Well as with other things we are now finding these statements are false.

Congressional Report: Obamacare Costs America Nearly 800,000 Jobs

Today brings us the latest report from Senators Coburn and Barrasso, the two Republican physicians who’ve been doggedly following up on all the things we were promised about Obamacare, particularly the ones that have already turned out to be flat-out lies (”The gall!” shrieks a Democrat Hill staffer).

Much of the report is based on combining the findings of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and news reports following up with people who’ve already felt the law’s impact. Central to this issue: the impact of the legislation on America’s unemployment picture. Remember when Nancy Pelosi promised the health care bill would create four million jobs — “400,000 of them almost immediately?”

In response, Coburn and Barrasso find:

The CBO “estimates that the legislation, on net, will reduce the amount of labor used in the economy by a small amount—roughly half a percent—primarily by reducing the amount of labor that workers choose to supply”, which is more than 788,470 employees.

As Avik Roy points out here, to put that in perspective, that number is 50% more than all the people who work for GM, Ford, and Chrysler combined.

Ironically, a significant portion of this job loss will likely come from the medical industry itself, particularly the innovative smaller companies now facing vast new taxes.

Companies that innovate, create, and develop life-saving, life-improving devices will likely lose jobs too. Manufacturers of medical devices are reeling from a provision of the law that will levy a $20 billion excise tax on their industry. The Boston Globe reported that the 2.3 percent excise tax on companies that supply medical devices like heart defibrillators and surgical tools to hospitals, health centers and ambulance services, “will force industry leaders to lay off workers and curb the research and development of new medical tools.” One CEO said the new tax threatens his business‘ sustainability because it has relegated his company‘s profitability to merely a break-even position.

The basic problem with the tax is one of math. “Many small to midsize medical device companies will owe more to the federal government in taxes than they make in profits,” according to Mark Leahy, head of the Medical Device Manufacturers Association. “We’re talking about a 2.3 percent tax on total sales, irrespective of whether a company is making a profit.”

Under Obamacare, the cost of each employee goes up. So do you pay this cost? No — you hire fewer employees and ask them to work longer hours. This is not hard. It is, as Coburn and Barrasso write, a problem of math.

Sometimes, I wonder if President Obama should just adopt the Costanza approach in his second term. It’s quickly becoming the only path I see toward getting the economy back on the right track.

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Pelosi: We haven’t gotten proper Credit for what we did…

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Queen Nancy doesn’t believe she and the Dem’s got proper credit for what they’ve done in the last 2 years.  Believe me, Madame Speaker, your credit is coming on Nov. 2nd!

Pelosi: ‘We haven’t really gotten the credit for what we have done’

By Michael O’Brien – 10/25/10 07:53 AM ET

Democrats haven’t necessarily gotten the credit they’re due for the work they’ve done the last two years, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said.

Pelosi, in the middle of a tough campaign to defend Democrats’ majority in the House — as well as her own Speakership — seemed to echo a complaint voiced by other Democrats, that obstacles have made it difficult for the party’s message to get through.

“You have all those forces at work, pouring millions of millions of dollars into the media, and now into the campaigns to mischaracterize everything that we did,” Pelosi said in an interview with Politics Daily, video of which was posted Monday. “So that’s that. It’s up to us to go out there. I’m very confident; our members know why they voted for what they did.

“But you’re right, we haven’t really gotten the credit for what we have done, but we will take it to the voters and have a Democratic majority to follow through on it,” the Speaker added.

Pelosi’s remarks reflect a growing trend of frustration expressed by Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill and at the White House. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said last week that Democrats’ biggest failure in this election has been not to adequately sell their accomplishments to voters, while White House press secretary Robert Gibbs joked to The New York Times that he hadn’t “been at a policy-problem meeting in 20 months.”

Republicans retort by noting that the fretting about messaging is especially ridiculous given the number of Democratic candidates who are running away from the party’s legislative accomplishments, from the stimulus bill to healthcare reform to cap-and-trade and so on.

Democrats say that millions in election spending against them has hindered their efforts to get their messaging out. Pelosi said she took the attacks on her and her Democratic lawmakers as a “sign of our effectiveness,” and said it helped her raise money.

Those attacks have also helped frame the election in such a way that the enthusiasm gap between Republican and Democratic voters has begun to close, the Speaker said.

“I think the enthusiasm gap is closing,” she said. “I think that as our members go home and people see what the clear choice is… that the energy will be there, as they see what’s at stake in the election.”

Part of that understanding of the base stems from her own identification with the base. “I’m very proud of that,” Pelosi said of when she’s labeled a “San Francisco liberal.”

No Pledge of Allegiance at debate? Crowd says Yes we Are

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WND Exclusive


No Pledge of Allegiance at debate? Crowd says otherwise



Audience drowns out moderator’s objections that recital is ‘disrespectful’



By Drew Zahn
© 2010 WorldNetDaily


At a U.S. congressional candidate debate this past week, the crowd of approximately 300 in attendance drowned out the moderator’s objections, not to protest over government policies or to argue some candidate’s comments, but to insist upon reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Illinois’ 8th Congressional District candidates had gathered at Grayslake Central High School in Grayslake, Ill., to participate in a debate moderated by Kathy Tate-Bradish of the League of Women Voters, Evanston branch.(And a former ACORN employee I might add)

During Tate-Bradish’s opening comments, an audience member stood to ask if the Pledge of Allegiance would be recited.

“No, we are not,” the moderator responded, “That is not part of the proposal tonight.”

Several in the crowd then began to shout, “Why not?”

When it became clear Tate-Bradish was not going to allow the Pledge to be recited, the audience stood and said it anyway.

The moderator further irked the crowd afterward, saying she felt “disrespected” by being “forced” to include the pledge “in presumably a planned way.” (I think the question should be to Kathy Tate-Bradish as to should she have had to be forced to say the Pledge of allegiance ? Why didn’t she just say, Yes that’s a good idea, would everyone stand and repeat after me.That would have looked much better for her if she had.)

Video of the exchange, taken by an audience member and posted on YouTube, can be seen below:

Worldnet Daily