Boy….here we go with more possible voter fraud and violation of Federal Law by none other than Harry Reid himself… that possible?

In a piece entitled Hard Data Supporting Fraudulent Activity in Nevada Election, after analyzing the pre-election polls from other states and the actual result in Nevada, the Free Republic blog notes that in every other example cited, the final result closely resembled the pre-election surveys.

However, in the case of the Reid-Angle race, the result differed from the pre-election polls by a massive swing of up to 9 per cent.

The data shows, “a great deviation not only outside of the consistently polled trends but well beyond the margin of error,” notes the blog.

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Did Harry Reid Steal Nevada Senate

A serious investigation into potential vote fraud needs to be launched immediately in Nevada, after incumbent Harry Reid beat Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle by a clear five points, despite pre-election polls showing Angle four points ahead, amidst suspicious evidence of vote flipping and other dirty tricks on behalf of the Reid campaign last week that were dubbed “criminal” by Angle’s campaign attorney.

Angle clearly had the momentum going into the election, having come from behind to take the lead over the Senate majority leader.

Four separate Rasmussen polls prior to the election had Angle ahead. Two weeks before Super Tuesday, she held a 50% to 47% lead over Reid. One week prior to voting, on October 26, her lead was extended to four points, with Angle at 49% and Reid at 45%.

The race was tight, but surveys clearly showed that Angle was gradually extending her lead as each week went by.

To have a nine point swing, from Angle enjoying a four point lead just a week before the election, to Reid winning the seat by a clear five points, is highly suspicious, especially given the chicanery that came to light just last week. Nine points is not within the margin of error for polls, especially those conducted by Rasmussen, which is considered to be one of if not the most credible polling agency.

When early voting started last week, reports out of Clark County, home to three quarters of Nevada residents, indicated that electronic voting machines were automatically checking Harry Reid’s name on the ballot.

The technicians that serviced those electronic voting machines were the pro-Reid SEIU (Service Employees International Union), the same corrupt union that was behind thousands of bogus voter registrations across the nation. The SEIU spent $44 million during this election cycle, nearly all of which went to Democrats.

“White House political director Patrick Gaspard is formerly the SEIU’s top lobbyist, and former SEIU president Andy Stern was the most frequent visitor to the White House last year,” adds the Gateway Pundit.

Furthermore, the county commissioner for Clark County is none other than Harry Reid’s son Rory.

In response to the allegations, as well as Reid’s offer of free food and gift cards for people who voted, a move some slammed as bribery, Angle campaign attorney Cleta Mitchell wrote in a fundraising letter that Reid intended to “steal this election if he can’t win it outright”.

“When the powerful are threatened, they will do anything to retain their position,” concluded Mitchell.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire – we have evidence of vote tampering before the election and low and behold, establishment candidate Reid manages to pull a 9 point turnaround to save his seat using the electronic voting machines controlled by his own son and serviced by corrupt union members loyal to him.

There clearly needs to be an urgent and thorough investigation into the Nevada vote to maintain the integrity of the entire election process.

The Angle campaign should immediately push for a full criminal investigation into potential vote fraud on behalf of Reid and his cronies.