Obama Blames Oil Companies For Lack Of Drilling

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Did President Obama stretch the truth for political reasons and to make himself look better? You be the judge! America has enough oil reserves to last us 200 yrs. if we’ll allowed to drill it out of the ground, we should be energy independent already. Solar and wind power are not a reasonable alternative.

Obama Blames Oil Companies For Lack Of Drilling

In his Friday press conference to discuss gas prices, President Obama was rather defensive, straining to counter the notion that his administration has been unfriendly to oil drilling, something most people would like to see a lot more of these days.

Where do people get that notion? Perhaps his Interior Department appealing a judge’s ruling that it act on several pending deepwater permits had something to with it.

Obama claimed repeatedly that he is not against drilling, then made the following comments:

There is more we can do, however. For example, right now, the (oil) industry holds leases on tens of millions of acres — both offshore and on land — where they aren’t producing a thing. So I’ve directed the Interior Department to determine just how many of these leases are going undeveloped and report back to me within two weeks so that we can encourage companies to develop the leases they hold and produce American energy. People deserve to know that the energy they depend on is being developed in a timely manner.

In other words, Obama is arguing that the oil companies themselves may be to blame for the fact that there isn’t more drilling. For some reason they’re ignoring making a profit.

Nevertheless, it is a familiar talking point that Democrats have been throwing out there for years now. The Interior report Obama mentioned will probably come in the coming weeks or months and “prove” this point. Obama clearly hopes it will take the pressure off of his administration for high gas prices and throw it on the oil companies.

But is any of this true? Technically yes, says the oil industry, but the claim is extremely misleading. As Richard Ranger, a policy analyst with the American Petroleum Institute, has explained:

“The process of looking at an area that might have oil and gas potential and narrowing your search over time and over a sequence of steps to actually producing oil and gas involves kind of casting a big net first and over time through geologic work,” Ranger said.

Ranger also explained it’s not always a cut-and-dried situation. Some areas will have oil and gas, some won’t and some might have it, but it may not be economically feasible to pump it out of the ground.

“When you drill, you have results that are either sufficient oil or gas to allow production or a dry hole or somewhere in between where you think we may have production but we may need some further work to determine whether this formation, this target, is economic to produce. Those steps consume several years from the point of leasing to a point of decision.”

Update: Ex-President Bill Clinton calls drilling permit delays “ridiculous”.



Japan Earthquake: YouTube news videos show damage, massive tsunami [Updated] |

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Japan Earthquake: YouTube news videos show damage, massive tsunami [Updated] |

An 8.9 earthquake has struck Japan, taking the lives of hundreds of people and being followed by a tsunami with frighteningly high tidal waves.

Here’s a bit of video posted by news organizations on YouTube, owned by Google, displaying some of the natural disaster. The videos are here or the link below as well. Citzen Tube has many videos taken by citizens here:

Tsunami slams Japanese coast after quake, from the Associated Press

Los Angeles Times

Ron Paul: No-fly Zone Over Libya Would be an Act of War

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What if a no fly zone was declared over parts of America by the UN…..how would we react?

No-fly Zone Over Libya Would be an Act of War

On the House floor Thursday, Rep. Ron Paul pointed out that imposing a so-called no-fly zone on Libya would be illegal under international law and an act of war.

“I’m preparing to introduce a resolution next week, and it’s a sense of Congress, that the executive branch can’t do this without approval from the Congress,” said Paul.

“We have to remember, a no-fly zone is an act of war,” he noted. “You
can’t just all of a sudden turn a switch and say don’t fly over Libya.
You have to bomb a lot of anti-aircraft sites and a lot of military
establishment. So the war is on.”

“Now, what moral right do we have to participate in war activity
against Libya?” he asked. “Libya hasn’t done anything to the United
States. It would be foolish, it would have a downside, and we should
think very, very carefully before we go expanding the wars that we’re
already involved in.”

Obama: ‘It Would be so Much Easier to be the President of China’

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Of course Mr Obama it would be easier to be President of China……They are a Communist country……Duh!

Obama: ‘It Would be so Much Easier to be the President of China’

The president has wistfully been thinking that about how easy it would be to be the leader of the People’s Republic of China, the New York Times reports. And one unnamed official told the Times’s reporters that “No one is scrutinizing [Chinese leader] Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.”

The quotations are part of a piece aimed at explaining the president’s thinking on the crisis in the Middle East. And his envy for the Chinese leader is meant to demonstrate the difficulty of balancing so-called “pragmatism” with “idealism.”

The Times writes:

This emphasis on pragmatism over idealism has left Mr. Obama vulnerable to criticism that he is losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the Arab street protesters. Some say he is failing to bind the United States to the historic change under way in the Middle East the way thatRonald Reagan forever cemented himself in history books to the end of the cold war with his famous call to tear down the Berlin Wall.
Weekly Standard

ATF, Mexico, guns: Mexico lawmakers demand answers on guns smuggled on ATF’s watch

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Oh brother, this is as we say in the south, “like the pot calling the kettle black”….after all those problems caused in the US by their drug cartels and people being killed in the US because of the problems in Mexico…..pleeeeze!

ATF, Mexico, guns: Mexico lawmakers demand answers on guns smuggled on ATF’s watch

A legislator says at least 150 Mexicans have been killed or wounded
by guns trafficked by smugglers being tracked by U.S. agents from the
ATF. The charges may exacerbate already rocky U.S.-Mexico relations.

Reporting from Seattle and Mexico City
Lawmakers in Mexico are demanding an investigation into a U.S. law enforcement operation that allowed hundreds of weapons to flow into the hands of Mexican drug cartels amid claims from a ranking legislator that at least 150 Mexicans have been killed or wounded by guns trafficked by smugglers under the watch of U.S. agents.

U.S. authorities say manpower shortages and the high number of weapons sold resulted in their losing track of hundreds of guns, from pistols to .50-caliber sniper rifles, though a federal agent deeply involved in the Phoenix-based operation said it was “impossible” that U.S. authorities did not know the weapons were headed for Mexico.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has acknowledged that at least 195 weapons sold in Arizona under Operation Fast and Furious have been recovered in Mexico, traced as a matter of routine via serial numbers after their recovery from crime scenes, arrests and searches.

The Mexican lawmaker did not say how the new casualty statistics were calculated. But the estimates, which could not be independently confirmed, provide troubling new fallout from an investigation in which guns sold to suspected smugglers in the U.S. already have been linked to the deaths of two U.S. law enforcement agents.
Los Angeles Times

Tsunami warning issued for at least 50 areas after quake

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Wow 8.9 earthquake hits Japan, they are starting to find more and more dead, along with an entire passenger train is missing.


8.9 MAG CAUSES CHAOS... BBC LIVE... MAPS, DETAILS... REUTERS: UPDATE... KYODO WIRE... NHK... Tokyo Feared the 'Big One'... Tsunami-hit port a frightened ghost town... LATEST IN SWARM... SKY LIVE... VIDEO... PHOTOS... Huge whirlpool created... Thousands roam Tokyo streets... KYODO: Death toll expected to top 1,000...

Tsunami warning issued for at least 50 areas after quake

Have you been affected? Send your video, pictures to iReport.

By the CNN Wire Staff
March 11, 2011 8:26 a.m. EST

(CNN) — The threat of a tsunami prompted the U.S. National Weather Service to issue a warning for at least 50 countries and territories after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan Friday.

The wide-ranging list includes Russia and Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica and the U.S. state of Hawaii. The weather service’s bulletin is intended “as advice to government agencies.”

The quake, which struck near the coast of Honshu, Japan on Friday afternoon, unleashed a wall of water that rushed in toward land, leveling houses and bashing cars in its path.

Some officials feared that the fast-moving waves from a tsunami could be so high that they wash over entire islands in the Pacific, a spokesman for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said Friday.

There was some good news on the island of Guam, where the tsunami warning was lifted. Police reported no damage or injuries. Indonesia also lifted its warning.