Why does Obama have everything related to him sealed up and is paying attorneys Lord knows now much to keep everything related to him sealed up? Any honest answer would be he has to be covering up something. What is he covering up…..I’m not sure, but he’s hiding something. Maybe the fact that when he went to the Indonesian school and was adopted he gave up is US citizenship? And when he got it back some time in the future he was classified as a “naturalized citizen” because he can’t get the ‘natural born’ designation back? Maybe the fact that he was declared a Muslim on his school records and when he went to college here in the States he declared himself a ‘foreign student’? None of this can be denied because  no one has seen the paper work to deny it. And all of it is a possibility. We also know that the Founding Fathers definition of “natural born” was that both parents were to be US citizens, not just one. Obama’s father was a dual citizen of Kenyan/British subject, that is admitted by Obama himself. So yes, like it or not, there are many legitimate reasons to still question Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of the President of the US legally.