Is this guy a racist? Talking against Obama!

Alan Keyes, Impeachment is “The Best Way” to Save America

Ambassador Alan Keyes has told a gathering of prominent Christian conservatives the best way to oppose Obama’s agenda is impeachment. Keyes stated Barack Obama’s war in Libya, to establish the United Nations’ decree, sets an “ominous” precedent that could be used anywhere in the world…including in the United States. “The best way to make this case right now so that all these issues would be on the table, so that Americans would understand what it’s about, would be to have an impeachment move in the House and to debate what Obama did in Libya,” he said. Keyes spoke to The Oak Initiative’s Summit, held April 14-16 in South Carolina. The Oak Initiative is a moral and cultural organization dedicated to saving America through a “blend of a spiritual awakening with sound wisdom.”


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