My brother sent me this: Well folks for those of us that have been able to avoid the TSA’s unconstitutional searches at airports, bus and train stations, along with the now NFL games, guess what? They’re coming to our Tennessee Highways now at weigh stations for beginners  (for our safety of course) , then after you accustomed to that what’s next? Stopping cars on I-40 ?  I’ve written before about the VIPR teams, but that was far away at train stations, but now they’re in West Tennessee (for your safety of course). And let’s don’t forget those plain white Department of Homeland Security vans with X-ray equipment roaming the highways peering into your car as you go down the road to see what you have in it, again violating the 4th amendment. Folks, eventually no one will be able to avoid these checkpoints, as they will eventually extend to your local malls as well as secondary highways. …..Your papers please!

The State of Tennessee should be ashamed of itself–and the people of Tennessee should be outraged!

The problem is, this kind of unlawful activity has been taking place for years. And more often than not, it is the federal government that is both promoting this practice and paying for it, of course. So, why should anyone be alarmed that TSA is now joining scores of other federal alphabet agencies and getting into the act? At least, that’s the thinking of these KGB wannabes.

This video below came from the Tn Campaign for Liberty:

This is not a surprise considering Tampa, FL bus stations have long been occupied by TSA checkpoints forcing random searches.




The Transportation Security Administration and the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security set up simultaneous checks at truck weigh stations across the state on Tuesday, in a coordinated effort to maintain traffic security on interstate highways in Tennessee.Kevin McCarthy, TSA federal security director for West Tennessee, said TSA’s operations do not only concern air travel safety, but following train bombings in Madrid, the TSA worked to enhance security on rail and mass transit systems nationwide, as well as major interstate highways.

“People generally associate the TSA with airport security, and after 9/11 that was our primary focus, but now we have moved on to other forms of transportation, such as highways, buses and railways,” McCarthy said. “West Tennessee is one of the major modes of transportation in the nation. Memphis is first in business air cargo, the fourth in inland maritime ports (via the Mississippi River) and five of the country’s seven major railroads run through the city.”

To increase national security, the TSA created Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response, known as VIPR, teams, which consist of federal air marshals, surface transportation security inspectors, transportation security officers, behavior detention officers (just in case you get upset during an illegal  4th amendment search) and explosive detection canine teams.

Tuesday’s VIPR operations were in coordination with the TDSHS, as well as various police departments and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Larry Godwin, deputy commissioner of TDSHS, said the checks at the weigh stations were about showing the people of Tennessee the government is serious about transportation safety, and to make sure the state is ready in case something were to happen.

” VIPR operations today mark the first simultaneous scale check across the state, they are not based on any particular threat,” Godwin said. “It is just about working together with different agencies and being prepared and coordinated from Memphis all the way to East Tennessee.”

Various police departments across the state, including large departments such as those in cities like Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville and Memphis were involved in the checks at the weigh stations.

Godwin said TEMA also plays a major role in coordinator efforts to keep Tennessee’s transportation system safe, and later this week similar inspections will be done at airports across the state.

McCarthy also pointed out that Interstate 40 is one of the country’s a major thoroughfares, being the third longest major west-east interstate highway in the United States after Interstate 90 and Interstate 80. Interstate 40’s western end is in Barstow, Calif. and its eastern end is in Wilmington, N.C.

“Everything from Wal-Mart merchandise to illegal drugs and illegal immigrants are transported through this area,” said Godwin. “Current interdiction units are doing a good job, but further coordinated inspections will only strengthen their efforts. If we prepare for the worst, then we are ready for almost anything.”

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