Even a Good Man Can’t Recover if the Swamp’s too Deep

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How much more. I talked with someone who knows folks on the Herman Cain team today…they are totally dismayed and flabbergasted. Well, I’ll show you what he sent me.

I have friends that have worked with and for Cain at different points in his Career and on the campaign trail and not one of them ever saw anything that would make them think this stuff was true, and at least someone would ya know.  People have been coming out of the wood work backing Cain that know him and that says ALOT.

I agree, why does everything hinge on the National Restaurant Association? Why only during that time? Oh, and the time period that the affair with Ginger White  was supposed to be going was while Herman Cain was at his most virile…colon cancer surgery and recovery. 

Here is Mr. Cain’s statement in the National Review:

“This is cause for reassessment,” Mr. Cain said, according to one participant on the call who spoke on condition of anonymity. “During the summer we had to make some reassessments based on our financial situation. We were able to hang in there.”

Mr. Cain denied the accusations from the Atlanta woman, Ginger White. But he acknowledged that the latest report of sexual misconduct might be more difficult to overcome, considering that the first voting is set to take place in five weeks at the Iowa caucuses. He said that he had not lost his enthusiasm to run, but suggested it was a distraction thatcould be difficult to recover from.

“With this latest one, we have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud in some peoples’ minds as to whether or not they should support us going forward,” Mr. Cain said, according to the participant on the call.

Mr. Cain doesn’t deserve the instant conclusions, and it’s a shame that his candidacy has been destroyed without the first iota of proof, but that seems to be what this country is all about now, you’re guilty until proven innocent. Well, at least in politics.

Another issue, I did like Michelle Bachmann, but her camp sent a tweet about moving vans moving in.

Reporters flocked to Herman Cain’s Iowa headquarters in Urbandale Tuesday night after Michele Bachmann’s state chairman tweeted that moving trucks were sitting outside the offices of a candidate who said he’s “reassessing” his campaign.

The catch: They weren’t moving trucks, but delivery trucks full of campaign signs.

The Bachmann aide, Iowa Sen. Kent Sorenson tweeted: “Moving trucks at Herman Cains office in

Bachmann’s Iowa office is in the same office complex as Cain’s.

The Des Moines Register arrived at the offices at 8550 New York Ave. to find more than 3,000 campaign signs leaning in the entryway and first reported it. A volunteer sat on the floor in the room, putting the signs together.

A tweet from Cain’s Iowa chairman, Steve Grubbs, came shortly after: Not moving trucks, delivery trucks with signs…want one?

“I kind of want to say it’s karma, but I shouldn’t,” said Cain’s Iowa spokeswoman, Lisa Lockwood. “People should not jump to conclusions.”

Sorenson deleted his tweet and its attached photo later that night, but not before Gov. Terry Branstad spokesman Tim Albrecht caught it.

We know politics is dirty, but that was a very cheap shot from someone who calls herself a passionate conservative.

Expect Chicago style politics out of the Republican camps…even before they get into the dirt with Obama.

At least Newt Gingrich has had the class not to get into mudslinging. He has said from the first that the party needed to be focused on getting the current White House cleaned out and not petty digs on the party. Looks like he’s the only one that remembers Reagan’s 11th rule.

When questioned about what will come out about him…

Newt Answers

I’m reminded of a favorite quote of mine… “When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember your original task was to drain the swamp”

Keep your chin up Mr. Cain, there are some of us who need to see some hard proof!


Congress to Vote Next Week on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State

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What is happening to our Constitution and freedoms with this War on Terror?

Am I being paranoid as one reader recently said? Well, listen to Rand Paul as he talks today about the National Defense Authorization Act  which will allow U.S. citizens considered terrorists to be “indefinitely detained” by the President in Guantanamo without a trial or right to face your accuser as the Constitution calls for…Is he paranoid as well?  As I’ve said before, we are turning the office of the President into the Office of our Dictator….think about it, taking over all TV and Radio communications in what the White House considers an emergency, cutting off cell phone communications and cutting off the internet….all can be done by the President.

Confusion surrounding whether or not the bill would apply to American citizens was firmly put to bed by Republican Congressman Justin Amash yesterday, when he pointed out that the language clearly gives the executive branch the power of discretion to decide who is a terrorist, whether they are a U.S. citizen or not.

Amash described the ‘indefinite detention’ provision of the bill as “one of the most anti-liberty pieces of legislation of our lifetime.”

The Source of Food Is None of Your Business, Says WTO.


What these people don’t understand is that Treaties don’t override the Constitution, they must abide by it as well….if not the Treaty is unconstitutional.

Do you want to know what country produced the food you eat? Too bad, says the World Trade Organization (WTO). That’s a barrier to free trade, so you don’t get to know.

The US instituted a labeling law requiring that all foods’ country of origin be on the label; it was part of the 2008 Farm Bill. Canada and Mexico complained to the WTO, saying that it would discourage food imports. It took three years, but the WTO decided that labeling food with its country of origin is a “technical barrier to trade”.  In 1979, the US signed a treaty that includes prevention of technical barriers to trade. Of course, that term was not fully

WTO No!Do you want to defined. It was up to the WTO to say just what it means. And they’ve done just that in regard to food—though for some inexplicable reason, meat is not included. Therefore, country of origin labeling can continue with meat.

But if you’d like to know that the honey on a supermarket shelf did not come from China— where much of it is produced by badly abused bees, is often contaminated with lead, may contain an antibiotic, and sometimes doesn’t even contain any honey—well, that’s just too bad. You don’t have a right to know.

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) is not cool to the WTO.  You see, COOL is a TBT, a technical barrier to trade. The United States of America, along with virtually all other nations of the world, has signed treaties with the WTO that give it authority over matters of trade—authority to say what is and is not legal inside countries if the issue affects trade. At the moment, this ruling affects only the US, but it obviously will not be limited to it.

Nearly every nation of the world has handed over its sovereignty to the WTO. Click here to see a world map showing the nations that do and don’t belong to the WTO.

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Ron Paul Highlights in 11/22/2011 Debate

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Muslims Demand All Citizens Stop Celebrating Christmas Or There Will Be Hell To Pay!

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This is why we don’t need to let Muslims get a foot hold in America. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!

Faithful Muslim leaders in Europe and their allies in United States begin a campaign to stop all of us from wishing each other “Merry Christmas”. According to their document just released, we should all go to hell for even putting up Christmas lights. They threaten “hell to pay” on those who celebrate the birth of our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Will you be intimidated this year and only say “happy holidays”, or “seasons greetings”, or hide your Christmas tree in schools and censor Christianity from the front of our public buildings out of fear of muslim terrorist retaliation if you dare celebrate the most important event in all of history?

To find out more of the demands from terror supporting muslims, watch this expose on the one demanding all Christmas celebrations to stop:

Patriot Statesman

FEMA Mandates “Special Chip” In Cell Phones to Send Out Alerts With No Opt Out

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Well folks our government is taking over the television and radio air waves with announcements from the Federal Government, the can kill all cell phones, they want a kill switch for the internet and now they have mandated, amber alerts, weather alerts and messages from the federal government, all of which you can’t opt out of. It’s your phone that you pay for, but the government is telling you what you will have installed on your phone by next year, a “special chip”. This technology is the ultimate “Panic Button” for synchornized mass hysteria.

I like to read the comments on articles like this one and here’s one comment from a reader in Egypt:

Well, we can imagine it here in Egypt, because it has happened to us already. During the days of the Revolution, the internet and cell phone service was cut… completely. All the national tv and media stations were not reporting that there was anything going on in the country. They would shoot the Nile River as if it was all calm in Cairo all the while having the police attack the protestors on the other side of the bridge. Then they would send us messages via mobile phones saying that if we want to be safe we should all go and stay in our houses, because there is a mandatory curfew. So all of these things have already happened… and, by the way, as for the electricity/water problem… they will cut off the water and electricity here at random.. no warnings, no reasons. Sadly all the things you’ve mentioned are already happening………….

What Else Will The Government’s “Special Chip” In Your Cellphone Do?

The announcement that Americans are set to be bombarded with mandatory government propaganda via their cellphones represents a shocking lurch forward in the Obama administration’s bid to launch a total takeover of all communications as part of a wider move towards controlling the Internet, developing an omnipresent wiretap system, and creating a constant environment of suspicion and distrust by enlisting citizens to spy on each other.

Short of implanting a microchip in people’s heads, the US government has opted for the next best thing, a chip in your cellphone. But what else will these “special chips” be used for?

“Presidential and local emergency messages as well as Amber Alerts would appear on cell phones equipped with special chips and software,” under the new program which was launched today in New York and is set to be rolled out across all major cities by the end of next year, reports CBS New York.

Cellphone users would not be able to opt out of “presidential messages,” with Verizon and AT&T, the nation’s largest cell phone carriers, already on board.

“For now, the alerts are capable on certain high-end cell phones but starting next year, all cell phones will be required to have the chip that receives alerts,” adds the report.

The messages will supersede all other phone traffic and have a unique signal and vibration, meaning that your private conversation could be cut off to make way for government propaganda in a program that resembles Minority Report-style invasiveness on steroids.

What else these “special chips” that will be mandatory in all cellphones will do is not explained, but given the recent scandal where it emerged that cell phone companies were building location databases of where their users had traveled, the sky’s the limit.

Cell phone providers already have the capability to send out text messages to all their subscribers instantly, so why the government needs a “special chip” to be installed will only heighten suspicions that this is a trojan horse for an omnipresent wiretap that will feed every scintilla of information from your phone directly to big brother.

As one respondent to the story put it, “Surely you only need a database of all phone numbers to send out text messages. Am I only person wondering why all handsets need to be fitted with “special chips” in order to receive text messages? The “special chips” can only be being introduced to serve other purposes.”

“This seems very suspicious. Why can people not opt out of the president’s messages?” asked another. “They pay for their phones – they should dictate what it does, not Obama.”

Would the “special chips” also empower Obama to shut down all cell phone traffic on a whim in a time of declared “national emergency”?

Obama already has the power to override all radio and television networks under the recently expanded Emergency Alert System, which allows FEMA to break in on live broadcasts to send out alerts.

His administration is also pushing cybersecurity legislation that would hand Obama a figurative kill switch for the Internet. The term “kill switch” is an oversimplification, what the agenda actually revolves around is the ability to impose Chinese-style censorship over the world wide web and develop an ID system that would force users to have their access controlled by a state-run licensing procedure.

The government-mandated chips would also help achieve the Department of Transportation’s aim of blocking all cellphone use in cars. The chip would allow authorities to prevent use of the phone by measuring the speed you are traveling via GPS technology and shutting down the handset.

This trifecta of broadcast media, Internet, and cellphone traffic represents a total takeover of the entire spectrum of communications in the United States by the Obama administration.

Vigilant Citizen

Why People Don’t Trust Government

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What’s in a poll? When the pollsters say that folks like/don’t like the President, Congress, candidates…you tend to look at where the poll comes from, the sample, the poller, etc. What I like to see is when the story makes it to the press on corruption. We see so much opinion, and most of the time it’s wrong…left or right. However, when true journalism hits, it’s hard to argue the point. All of it could be cured with term limits. I admit, I even agree with Rick Perry’s proposal of a part time congress somewhat. This is a story from the Washington Post and it explains exactly why people don’t trust the government:

By Dana Milbank, in the Washington Post

Almost exactly a year ago, members of Congress voted overwhelmingly to censure their colleague Rep. Charlie Rangel for bringing dishonor on the House. Then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi summoned the New York Democrat to the well and chastised him for his 11 ethics violations, which included improper fundraising.

This week, Rangel again brought the House into disrepute – but this time he had the full support of his colleagues.
“Last night marked a momentous evening in my campaign for re-election,” Rangel wrote in a letter to supporters on Thursday. “At a special event in Washington, Democratic leaders including Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, James Clyburn, Sandy Levin, John Conyers, Emmanuel Cleaver, and Steve Israel stood by my side and pledged their unwavering support on my behalf. I am so humbled and grateful for their involvement.”

As further evidence of how he had gone from opprobrium to affirmation, Rangel attached an article from Politico headlined “What Censure? Rangel’s Back.” The article included quotes from Rangel taunting the House ethics committee members and saying his censure was all for show.

It’s hard to quarrel with Rangel’s reasoning. The fete Wednesday night at the upscale Bistro Bis, near Union Station, was a way for House Democrats to demonstrate that their punishment of the defrocked Ways and Means committee chairman was insincere. By attending the up-to-$5,000-per-ticket soiree, they were proclaiming that all was forgiven.

The public is not nearly so forgiving. The Rangel party — where lobbyists and other influence seekers paid to gain access to, and favor among, party leaders — goes a long way toward explaining why Americans’ approval of Congress has dropped to 9 percent.

The speedy rehabilitation of the first member of the House to be censured in nearly three decades is a symptom of what has destroyed trust in government and the ability of that government to function. As Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, an ethics specialist, put it to me this week: “Who would ever trust such a system?” And “how can this government continue to behave like this?”

Lessig, who began his career as a clerk to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, but who now describes himself as a liberal, wrote the just-released book “Republic, Lost,” about how both parties in Washington engage in “a corruption practiced by decent people” that has discredited government.

“The great threat to our republic today comes not from the hidden bribery of the Gilded Age,” he writes, but from “the economy of influence now transparent to all, which has normalized a process that draws our democracy away from the will of the people. . . . We have created instead an engine of influence that seeks simply to make those most connected rich.”

There’s hardly the need for more evidence to support such an obvious thesis, but more presents itself each day. On Thursday, the day after Rangel’s romp at Bistro Bis, lawmakers spent the day grilling Energy Secretary Steven Chu on how the Obama administration allowed a politically well-connected company called Solyndra to squander half a billion of taxpayer dollars when the solar energy company went belly-up. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) quizzed Chu about George Kaiser, an Obama donor and an investor whose venture capital firm had a stake in Solyndra, who “was in and around the White House at least 16 times in the time period that the Solyndra loan program was being reviewed.”

Chu denied this had anything to do with the decision. Maybe so, but in this pay-to-play system, who’s going to believe it?

It’s not as if Republicans are in a solid position to challenge the Democrats’ influence peddling. The Solyndra hearing came just after reports emerged that Newt Gingrich, this week’s surprise front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, had received at least $1.6 million in consulting fees from Freddie Mac. He took the money even as Republicans were trying to abolish the mortgage giant and even though he criticized President Obama for accepting campaign contributions from its executives.

But when it comes to hypocrisy, you have to raise a glass to the Democratic leaders who went for cocktails with Rangel donors paying $500 for individual access and $5,000 to be Political Action Committee “chairs.” “No corporate checks, please,” one solicitation reminded, under Rangel’s name.

The early solicitations promised access to “special guests” such as Hoyer, before the “great news” came out that Pelosi would attend. For lobbyists too busy to join, the campaign “would be willing to set up your own event” with Rangel.

For a man who just 11 months ago was censured for ethics violations, it was particularly brazen. What’s truly scandalous is how routine it was.

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