How much more. I talked with someone who knows folks on the Herman Cain team today…they are totally dismayed and flabbergasted. Well, I’ll show you what he sent me.

I have friends that have worked with and for Cain at different points in his Career and on the campaign trail and not one of them ever saw anything that would make them think this stuff was true, and at least someone would ya know.  People have been coming out of the wood work backing Cain that know him and that says ALOT.

I agree, why does everything hinge on the National Restaurant Association? Why only during that time? Oh, and the time period that the affair with Ginger White  was supposed to be going was while Herman Cain was at his most virile…colon cancer surgery and recovery. 

Here is Mr. Cain’s statement in the National Review:

“This is cause for reassessment,” Mr. Cain said, according to one participant on the call who spoke on condition of anonymity. “During the summer we had to make some reassessments based on our financial situation. We were able to hang in there.”

Mr. Cain denied the accusations from the Atlanta woman, Ginger White. But he acknowledged that the latest report of sexual misconduct might be more difficult to overcome, considering that the first voting is set to take place in five weeks at the Iowa caucuses. He said that he had not lost his enthusiasm to run, but suggested it was a distraction thatcould be difficult to recover from.

“With this latest one, we have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud in some peoples’ minds as to whether or not they should support us going forward,” Mr. Cain said, according to the participant on the call.

Mr. Cain doesn’t deserve the instant conclusions, and it’s a shame that his candidacy has been destroyed without the first iota of proof, but that seems to be what this country is all about now, you’re guilty until proven innocent. Well, at least in politics.

Another issue, I did like Michelle Bachmann, but her camp sent a tweet about moving vans moving in.

Reporters flocked to Herman Cain’s Iowa headquarters in Urbandale Tuesday night after Michele Bachmann’s state chairman tweeted that moving trucks were sitting outside the offices of a candidate who said he’s “reassessing” his campaign.

The catch: They weren’t moving trucks, but delivery trucks full of campaign signs.

The Bachmann aide, Iowa Sen. Kent Sorenson tweeted: “Moving trucks at Herman Cains office in

Bachmann’s Iowa office is in the same office complex as Cain’s.

The Des Moines Register arrived at the offices at 8550 New York Ave. to find more than 3,000 campaign signs leaning in the entryway and first reported it. A volunteer sat on the floor in the room, putting the signs together.

A tweet from Cain’s Iowa chairman, Steve Grubbs, came shortly after: Not moving trucks, delivery trucks with signs…want one?

“I kind of want to say it’s karma, but I shouldn’t,” said Cain’s Iowa spokeswoman, Lisa Lockwood. “People should not jump to conclusions.”

Sorenson deleted his tweet and its attached photo later that night, but not before Gov. Terry Branstad spokesman Tim Albrecht caught it.

We know politics is dirty, but that was a very cheap shot from someone who calls herself a passionate conservative.

Expect Chicago style politics out of the Republican camps…even before they get into the dirt with Obama.

At least Newt Gingrich has had the class not to get into mudslinging. He has said from the first that the party needed to be focused on getting the current White House cleaned out and not petty digs on the party. Looks like he’s the only one that remembers Reagan’s 11th rule.

When questioned about what will come out about him…

Newt Answers

I’m reminded of a favorite quote of mine… “When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember your original task was to drain the swamp”

Keep your chin up Mr. Cain, there are some of us who need to see some hard proof!