The “Tennessee Balance of Powers Act” is moving forward in the TN legislature! This is critical “states rights” legislation drafted by Liberty Legal Foundation and designed be a model for every state in the nation to protect its citizens against unconstitutional Federal laws.

The “Tennessee Balance of Powers Act” acknowledges that the State has an ongoing duty to defend the rights of Tennesseans against federal abuses of authority. Since our country’s founding states have left it to citizens to correct federal abuses of authority. Citizens usually have to allow the federal government to violate their Constitutional rights in order to have standing to challenge a federal law. Then the individual private citizen is left to take on the entire federal government, by themselves, in federal court.

The “Tennessee Balance of Powers Act” will change that paradigm. It will allow the State of Tennessee to file original challenges directly with the U.S. Supreme Court before anyone’s rights are violated. Note that the Supreme Court has no discretion to refuse such cases. Such challenges will be limited to instances where Congress passes laws that are clearly in violation of the Constitution. Such challenges will greatly enhance Congresses respect for the Constitution, and will re-assert state authority over the federal government, pursuant to the Constitution.

Stay tuned for more important updates about this vital legislation.

Liberty Legal Foundation