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I make no pretense in my posts. They’re opinionated. I make no pretense in my political persuasion. I’m a conservative. I was born and raised a Southern Democrat. That might be termed a mostly MOR Republican nowadays. Whatever it was, I know this for sure, my family, who considered themselves to be good patriots and believers in God and country…would have taken aim with their long rifles at this current gang of politicians…on both sides.

We don’t have a lot of choice on who to vote for again if you’re looking for a “good” candidate. They all have weaknesses. But we do have a choice of someone who would make a difference…but this isn’t really an endorsement of either.

I’m sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. I believe that this country is in dire need of a rebirth of the founders. None, including the “champion” of the Constitution, Ron Paul, deserve to be elected to the office of President. This, of course, being based on the definition of a “good” candidate.

There are lots of faults with all of them, but they all sacrifice the fate of the country for the good of the campaign. I am but one vote, however, my one vote cannot be bought, it can only be earned. It can only be earned by what I hear and see of a record. That record has to be how that person has performed. OK, just this one time I’m gonna comment on them….

Obama….epic fail…the Presidency is not a training ground, especially this day and time.

Romney…fail…the Republican version of Obama

Santorum….fail…he is not a leader, he is a conservative. He has been a Congressman and a Senator, but not in a leadership position. He also will be a tipping point for those who support the “separation of church and state” ideal, they will walk away. Don’t believe he can convince the Reagan Dems.

Paul….fail…wonderful man, believes in the authority of the Constitution to a point. His Libertarian values step in the way of law, and his foreign affairs stance will get us in trouble. This is not the America of the founders.

Gingrich….almost fail…lot of baggage, and Romney put a bitterness in him. His record is conservative, he is the only elected official to ever serve on the national stage, balance a national budget, had a healthy economy, worked with Reagan, (even though folks doubt that) and has big plans. So did 2 other Presidents in my lifetime…JFK and Reagan, both imperfect, Kennedy a womanizer and Reagan divorced. However, he is much better than John McCain…heck, all of them but Obama is.

Again, don’t take my word for it, get off your proverbial butts and look up their records….

Here is where the rubber hits the road. This country is in a much worse place than when JFK or Reagan was in office. We started going downhill with the first Bush, and have been creeping toward a New World Order and socialism ever since. It may be a path that we cannot stop, but it can be slowed down or averted if we make the right choice in 2012. Obama is not it. He may be a rock star, he may be the choice of a dumbstruck youth, but he isn’t it.

Mitt Romney may stall the fall, but he has an awful track record. Rick Santorum will have us in a war with Syria or Iran immediately. Ron Paul, I’m not even sure. My hope right now is that the country recovers from this insane political yardstick it uses to measure candidates and takes a hard look at Newt. If not, we cannot afford to lose to Obama, nor let the congress fall back into socialist hands.

Let the stupid argue with the stupid. You cannot argue with an idiot, especially if he thinks you’re a bigger idiot than he is. There is no discourse between the parties as was with Kennedy, Reagan, and even Clinton. There must be a turning of the way. For the future of the children and grand children, there must be a turning of the way.

Long gone is logic and reason, it must be taken back by a moral force the strength of the first patriots. This political correctness must end, it’s destroying the very fabric of this country. Like it or not, America became America because of headstrong positions on God and country. We lost that path. You must ask yourself when you prepare to pull the voting lever, who will best take this country in the way of the Constitution, or a more “modern” USA? Pick very carefully, we have had about 24 years of this modern USA. We are in danger of losing American identity, morals, ideals and the very freedoms that members of my family and your family fought on foreign soil to protect. How much are you willing to risk those things on the same, or another Rock Star?

You may be an original “Southern Democrat”, and if you are, you can send me an email. We’ll talk of the Tea Party meetings, and plans to stock up on shotgun shells to repel all these “revenuers” coming for our rights…because if you don’t pay attention this election cycle when you vote, they’ll be coming.