Obama’s Upcoming Visit To Keystone Pipeline Site: ‘So Hypocritical

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Talk about the height of Hypocracy…..keep in mind while he’s pushing the Southern end of the pipeline that doesn’t need his approval, he’s still blocking the Northern end...I predict after November if he wins, then he’ll approve the Northern end coming from Canada. This stunt today is just for votes and shows how stupid he thinks the average American is.


Under fire over sky-high gas prices, President Barack Obama embarks Wednesday on a two-day trip to defend his energy policy from a Republican onslaught linking his policies to Americans feeling pain at the pump. He will announce plans to fast-track the permit process for the southern portion of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, according to CNN

The White House announced last week that Obama would use a stop in Cushing, Okla., on Thursday to highlight his support for the southern portion of the pipeline after he blocked the overall project amid anger from environmentalists. Republicans have used the issue to bludgeon Obama’s energy policy, blaming him for the high cost of filling up at the pump.

Now CNN reports, citing “a source familiar with the president’s announcement,” that Obama will announce in Cushing that his administration will put the southern section of Keystone on the fast-track to approval. “The permit process for a project like this can typically take a year or more. The source familiar with the president’s announcement says the administration could shave several months off that timeline,” says the network. (Also keep in mind as I said, the approval process doesn’t need Obama’s approval at all, it’s the domestic part of the pipeline)

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Obama’s Upcoming Visit To Keystone Pipeline Site: ‘So Hypocritical And So Ironic’

It will be a strange and remarkable visit considering that Obama in January denied a permit for the northern section of the pipeline that would have crossed the Canadian border. The strangeness wasn’t lost of Harold Hamm, the chief executive of Continental Resources, Mitt Romney’s new energy advisor, and a first-rate oil tycoon, worth $11.5 billion by Forbes’ most recent reckoning.

“It’s so hypocritical and so ironic after everything he’s tried to do against the industry,” said Hamm in a phone interview with me today. “He’s trying to take credit for all the gains we’ve made against the backdrop of the biggest oil storage complex in the world.”

Take credit? Naw, the president couldn’t be taking credit for this stretch of the Keystone XL, could he? After all, he must know full well that TransCanada got approvals to build the southern stretch months ago, and that pipelines that stay within U.S. borders don’t need presidential approval anyway.

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Kill Rush?

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I am not posting the link to the song, I will not promote it that way, but it’s over the top when Hollywood follows the liberals with a call for dismantling free speech. It’s coming, you should write your congressman and tell them to be prepared to defeat yet again, the “Fairness Doctrine”.

Please, anything said by the other side is acceptable.

by JOHN NOLTE 5 hours ago 120POST A COMMENT

Any sacred cow whines to YouTube and Facebook and as a result, whatever the sacred cow is whining about is immediately taken down.

But a song that openly calls for the killing of Rush Limbaugh apparently doesn’t offend YouTube or Facebook, in the least.

Disgusted by Rush Limbaugh’s recent antics? Blast our song, ‘KILL RUSH’

Just don’t call anyone a “slut.”