Normally, I try to leave racial stories alone, but this time the president tagged it…”if I had a son, he’d be like Trayvon”. Well, take a look. The story may not be what it seems, plus, why does this story get the national attention it has? Why is it that the president called his mother and made that kind of statement? The story is a little different, according to snopes, nevertheless, it is a true story, but the headlines barely got out of the mid-South in 2007. Where was Barack Obama, and why didn’t he call the parents of these innocent children? It would have been good, since he was campaigning for “change”. It’s hard not to see which side his bread is buttered on, maybe he should have called them up for a beer summit. I will, however post my friend Carl’s email for asking the question that prompted this post. While I want to be fair, I will post the link for snopes. The story changes a little, and there is an attempt at justifying it at the end with OJ trial. Even snopes doesn’t get this one. These are both racially motivated, you just have to question which is worse…


Recently we’ve been bombarded with hourly rants about the heinous, RACIST nature of the incident in Florida where a neighborhood vigilante allegedly “chased down, confronted and murdered” a young black man who was “simply going to the store for snacks.” I don’t know if the allegations are true or not, and I trust the appropriate authorities in Florida will sort it out.

However, the media coverage given to this alleged crime is simply over the top, in my estimation. White (and is it just me? – I think the shooter looks very hispanic) on black violence provokes terrific response from the black community, aided, abetted, encouraged and inflamed by the national media to such an extent that riots and black vigilantism is not only a strong possibility, but a near certainty if the shooter isn’t convicted and executed forthwith.

I want to know where the balance is. Why isn’t black on white crime – especially heinous crime – given the same attention by the national media? They seem to simply note and accept terrible crime perpetrated by black thugs against white victims as simply ho-hum normal. “Move along folks, nothing to see here…” Exactly what should white America take away from that attitude by the national media? Aren’t the lives of innocent white people as important as those of innocent black people? Really… ???

We see instances of wilding against white female joggers by gangs of black thugs and nothing much is said about it on national media. We see horrific, murderous crime against innocent white people by black thugs and nothing much is said about it on national media. Evidently white lives and white dignity are not as important as black lives and dignity to the mainstream national media. Something is very wrong with that picture. Balance is simply not there.

A few years ago, a particularly heinous crime was carried out against two innocent white kids by five black thugs in Knoxville, Tennessee, resulting in the white kids’ prolonged, agonizing and humiliating deaths. They were tortured over a period of four days before they were “allowed” to finally die. They were both raped repeatedly. He had his penis removed while still alive, and she was forced to drink caustic liquids – bleach – to mask the evidence of sexual assault, then partially dismembered while still alive. I expect death must have come as a relief to those two innocents.

It doesn’t get much more heinous than that. But very few people in the country knew about that crime when it happened and it’s nearly forgotten now. It’s mostly well known in the Knoxville area only. The national media didn’t give it more than momentary lip service and it was old news in a hurry. How is that balanced against the hourly rant for Zimmerman’s blood in Florida these days, before the guy is even charged. The New Black Panthers, with a national media blessing, even has a bounty out for Zimmerman’s head.

Where is the balance?? We certainly did NOT see white people (except the Nazis) demonstrating in the street for these black thugs’ blood in Knoxville – and certainly not anywhere else in the country. But then, the national media didn’t report hourly on the crime either. The must not have thought it very newsworthy. They pretty much ignored it because it was a black on white atrocity, not the other way round..