‘A shrinking of religious liberty

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As reported earlier on OneNewsNow, the New Mexico Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling from the New Mexico Human Rights Commission that Elaine and Jon Huguenin of Elane Photography were guilty of “sexual orientation” discrimination against a lesbian pair who wanted their commitment ceremony photographed in 2006. That ruling was based on the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

“I think this case illustrates a disturbing trend that we’re seeing in general, which is a shrinking of religious liberty and [a shrinking] of the area in which we can act on our religious convictions to only the four walls of our homes or the four walls of our churches,” warns Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council (FRC).

But he asserts that was not the Founding Fathers’ vision of religious freedom. “It would be very dangerous for us to adopt that today,” he says.

The FRC senior fellow goes on to note that the photography business is an artistic undertaking. “Particularly, photographing a wedding makes you a participant in that wedding. It makes you a celebrant of that wedding,” he offers. “You are one of the people who [is] trying to record and celebrate the event for all time.”

Sprigg hopes the case will be appealed to a higher court, “where a greater sense of reason will prevail.” The Alliance Defense Fund has committed to do just that.
New Mexico does not recognize same-gender “marriages” or civil unions.

One News Now

You might also want to go to the link above and read some of the comments, at least 90% are on Elaine and Jon Huguenin’s side.


Romney Admits He Won’t End ObamaCare

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Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather deal with Romney and get Obama out of office as soon as possible, but don’t let Romney fool you folks……….

At the end of this video Romney admits he will keep large parts of Obamacare.

Waaaaaaa, the Republican Money Raising Is Damaging Democracy…

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Puh-leeze…California, send her home. Why just the Republican fund raising is causing a problem with Democracy? What about all the Hollywood fund raisers for “O”? Wasn’t all this hair splitting when they were bragging about the Obama war chest during the Republican primary. Oh, and by the way Nancy….it’s not a democracy, it’s a Republic.

Pelosi reflects on 25 years in Congress
June 6th, 2012
07:19 PM ET

Pelosi reflects on 25 years in Congress


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CNN’s Ashley Killough

(CNN) – At an event to commemorate her 25 years in Congress, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi talked about the need for less money and more women in politics.

“The answer to almost every ‘How can we do better?’ is one word: women. More women in power,” Pelosi said at the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum in Washington.

Her comments came in a discussion with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who largely praised Pelosi throughout the interview and at one point referred to her former speakership as “Sam Rayburn-esque.”

While the minority leader reflected on her two and half decades in Congress, she mostly discussed her time as House speaker and being the first woman to hold the position.

She went into detail about the bitter 2004 fight between Republicans and Democrats over President George W. Bush’s agenda to privatize Social Security. Offering a rare bout of praise, however, Pelosi repeatedly described the former president as a “lovely man” and made a point to mention bipartisan legislation passed during his tenure.

She also took sharp aim at the soaring increase in campaign spending, especially nodding to the 2010 Supreme Court case that paved the way for the start of super PACs. The landmark decision, she argued, was the primary reason Republicans won the House majority two years ago, thereby ending her tenure as speaker.

She warned the outpouring of money from third party groups was the largest threat to democracy.

“This is a government of the plutocracy, of the wealthy, or of the few oligarchs,” she said. “Nothing less is at stake in this debate than our democracy, when the voice and the vote of the many determine elections, not the checkbooks of the very, very few.”

Pelosi has long been an advocate for campaign finance reform, and in an election year amplified by an aggressive fight for women voters, Pelosi said a less money-fueled political system would bring greater diversity to the halls of Congress.

“It’s gone too far. It’s over the edge. We have to pull it back, and when we do, one of the benefits will be much more diversity and people able to take a chance and run,” she said.


Police Stop, Handcuff Every Adult at Intersection in Search for Bank Robber

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“We didn’t have a description, didn’t know race or gender or anything, so a split-second decision was made to stop all the cars at that intersection, and search for the armed robber,” Aurora police Officer Frank Fania told ABC News.

Read some comments before the article:

Posted by: Roscoe Chait | June 4, 2012, 8:46 pm 8:46 pm

Why stop there? Why not arrest everyone in town when there’s a serious crime, and release them only when the criminal is found. Has anyone ever heard of the 4th amendment to the US Constitution?

Posted by: Danola | June 5, 2012, 8:10 am 8:10 am

I, personally, would not submit to a search of my car without a warrant being obtained and when nothing was found I’d be suing the police department for the whole fallacy.

Posted by: Sick of BS | June 5, 2012, 8:19 am 8:19 am

So, the police just “un-arrested” the other 18 vehicles occupants when the bad guy was found. I am not a rober and they would have found a loaded weapon in my vehicle…under their justification I would have been guilty. This is not good policing…merely an egregious application of force. A classic example of “the ends justify the means” thinking. BTW, I am a retired officer with 34 years…this action would have gotten me sued and fired in my agency.

Posted by: JimB | June 5, 2012, 8:24 am 8:24 am

-Sick of BS — I’m right there with ya. I’d make them get a warrant.

Posted by: Brian | June 5, 2012, 8:24 am 8:24 am

The new America. Guilty until proven innocent.

Police in Aurora, Colo., searching for suspected bank robbers stopped every car at an intersection, handcuffed all the adults and searched the cars, one of which they believed was carrying the suspect.

Police said they had received what they called a “reliable” tip that the culprit in an armed robbery at a Wells Fargo bank committed earlier was stopped at the red light.

“We didn’t have a description, didn’t know race or gender or anything, so a split-second decision was made to stop all the cars at that intersection, and search for the armed robber,” Aurora police Officer Frank Fania told ABC News.

Officers barricaded the area, halting 19 cars.

“Cops came in from every direction and just threw their car in front of my car,” Sonya Romero, one of the drivers who was handcuffed, told ABC News affiliate KMGH-TV in Denver.

From there, the police went from car to car, removing the passengers and handcuffing the adults.

“Most of the adults were handcuffed, then were told what was going on and were asked for permission to search the car,” Fania said. “They all granted permission, and once nothing was found in their cars, they were un-handcuffed.”

The search lasted between an hour and a half and two hours, and it wasn’t until the final car was searched that police apprehended the suspect.

“Once officers got to his car, they found evidence that he was who they were looking for,” Fania said. “When they searched the car, they found two loaded firearms.”

The actions of the police have been met with some criticism, but Fania said this was a unique situation that required an unusual response.

“It’s hard to say what normal is in a situation like this when you haven’t dealt with a situation like this,” Fania said. “The result of the whole ordeal is that it paid off. We have arrested and charged a suspect.”

The other people who had been held at the intersection were allowed to leave once the suspect was apprehended.

ABC News