You’ve got to ask yourself…….if the President knew nothing about the Fast and Furious program as he said, then why invoke Executive Privilege? He must know, it didn’t work during Watergate for Nixon!

A House committee voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt Wednesday for not releasing documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, a botched gun-tracking operation in which federal agents permitted Mexican drug smugglers to buy thousands of firearms that were eventually used in crimes.

Earlier, President Obama had invoked executive privilege to deny the committee the papers it sought. Obama’s assertion of executive privilege — the right of the president to withhold information from Congress or the courts — was the first of his presidency and an escalation of a protracted power struggle between his administration and congressional Republicans.

As a senator in 2007, Obama condemned the use of executive privilege by President George W. Bush, saying “there’s been a tendency on the part of this administration to try to hide behind executive privilege every time there’s something a little shaky that’s taking place.”

The Mitt Romney campaign quickly labeled Obama a hypocrite.

“President Obama’s pledge to run the most open and transparent administration in history has turned out to be just another broken promise,” campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in a statement.

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You can read Eric Holder’s letter to President Obama asking for use of Executive Privilege here