Gay Marriage Now in The DNC Platform

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Well, Barack Obama started the firestorm, and the DNC jumped in the flames…here it is, the official platform of the Democratic Party now includes Gay Marriage…this article from the Politico…


Democrats are set to include a pro-gay marriage plank in their convention platform for the first time in history, party sources confirm to POLITICO. The language was approved unanimously by a 15-member platform draft committee, and now heads for approval by the full platform committee in August.

The party’s Platform Drafting Committee agreed, unanimously, to approve the language at a meeting this weekend in Minneapolis.

A source in the meeting said the decision was “not controversial.”

The language will not become official until the party’s full Platform Committee meets Aug. 10 in Detroit.

The effort to include gay marriage in the platform gained increased momentum after President Barack Obama announced in May that his views on the issue had changed to support legalization.

“I don’t think that we had any issues that were controversial,” one member of the committee said Monday. “I think we were pretty much in sync and in agreement with where we ended up.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Monday referred questions about the platform to the Democratic National Committee. A DNC spokesperson declined to comment on what the official described as ongoing process.

The decision was first reported Monday by the Washington Blade, to whom Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) confirmed the news.

A draft plank circulated in February — before the president’s endorsement — read: “We support the full inclusion of all families in the life of our nation, with equal respect, responsibilities, and protections under the law, including the freedom to marry. Government has no business putting barriers in the path of people seeking to care for their family members, particularly in challenging economic times. We support the Respect for Marriage Act and the overturning of the federal so-called Defense of Marriage Act, and oppose discriminatory constitutional amendments and other attempts to deny the freedom to marry to loving and committed same-sex couples.”

It is unclear whether the Democrats have strengthened the language in the wake of Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. The DNC declined to comment on an ongoing process, and outside witnesses at the platform hearing were not provided with draft text.

“We’ve not seen any specific language at this point,” Zeke Stokes, a spokesman for Servicemembers Legal Defense Network said. SLDN put forward a witness at last week’s hearing testifying in favor of the plank.

But the news was quickly applauded by Marc Solomon, National Campaign Director of Freedom to Marry.

“We are proud that the Committee is including language that will ensure the Party is leading the way forward in supporting marriage for loving and committed same-sex couples and their families,” Solomon said in a statement.

The Do-Nothing Congress

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Want to know what a worthless Congress looks like…here’s a post from the Weekly Standard:


Congress expected to do little in time it has left

During a recent press conference, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid joked with reporters that his biggest goal for September was to see the Washington Nationals win a pennant.

Everybody laughed, but Reid, D-Nev., was making a less-than-funny point: The Senate will accomplish very little in the time it has left even though the government is heading over a “fiscal cliff” that will lead to an increase in everyone’s taxes and a $1.2 trillion cut in federal spending.

A little more than 100 days from one of the most pivotal elections in years, Congress’s top priority has been politics. The Republican-run House and Democratic Senate have all but abandoned any real effort to address a historically huge pile of bills in need of their attention, leaving until after the election some of the most critical financial issues facing the nation.

Both chambers will adjourn this week, meeting again only briefly in mid-September before leaving town to campaign full time ahead of elections that will decide who will control the White House and Senate next year.

“Intense partisanship and polarization have virtually frozen Congress in place,” Larry Sabato, a University of Virginia political science professor, told The Washington Examiner. “In some years past, Congress could still be productive halfway through the election year, and there are even cases of major legislation passing in the fall of an election year. Those days appear to be gone forever.”

Virtually all of the legislation the House and Senate have taken up in recent weeks was about political advantage for one party or the other. None of it was expected to be made into law.

The Senate last week approved Democratic legislation that would extend Bush-era tax cuts only to households earning less than $250,000 a year. The House this week will take up a Republican bill that extends those tax breaks to everyone. Democrats will tell voters they were trying to help the middle class. Republicans will claim to have been helping small-business owners. Neither bill will make it to President Obama’s desk.

“The stakes are so high for both parties that they would rather have voters angry at Congress for inaction than run the risk of alienating one side or the other,” said Republican political strategist Ron Bonjean, a former leadership aide in both the House and Senate.

If lawmakers are going to extend tax cuts before they expire at year’s end, they’ll do it in a lame duck session following the Nov. 6-elections. That’s also when they’ll look for a way to avoid looming spending cuts that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner warned could send the economy into a tailspin. Lawmakers are nowhere near striking a deal on either issue.

And those are not the only remaining bits of critical business left unfinished.

Congress has yet to pass spending bills that comprise next year’s budget, which means the government is poised to run out of money at the end of September unless a deal is struck. Reid said he’s trying to work out a compromise with House Republicans that can pass before both chambers leave for the campaign trail.

More likely, aides said, the two sides will only be able to agree on some temporary measure that prevents the government from shutting down but requires them to take up the issue again next year.

Nancy Pelosi Made $1-5 Million from Company that Outsourced Jobs to Asia

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The Democrats’ hypocrisy on outsourcing continues. As they attack Mitt Romney for being an outsourcer, it was revealed that President Barack Obama sent stimulus money — U.S. taxpayer dollars — overseas, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) called him out on it yesterday.

Now, it seems like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has benefited from companies that outsource jobs to Asia to the tune of between $1 million to $5 million.

According to The Daily Caller

According to Pelosi’s 2011 financial disclosure statement, the Democratic House Minority Leader received between $1 million and $5 million in partnership income from ”Matthews International Capital Management LLC,” a group that emphasizes that it has a “A Singular Focus on Investing in Asia.” A quick trip to the company website reveals a featured post extolling the virtues of outsourcing.

According to the same report, “Pelosi is also a small investor in the embattled “Moduslink Global,” one of the “outsourcing pioneers” that Mitt Romney has been criticized for associating with while at Bain Capital.”

This is yet another example of Democrats saying one thing while their actions reveal another.

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Bloomberg Implements Program to Make New Mothers Breast Feed


What is wrong with Bloomberg? Bans the 2nd amendment in NYC, bans large size sodas and now Baby Formula…..

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken steps to push hospitals to guide new mothers away from baby formula so that they will breast-feed instead.

Starting Sept. 3, the city will track how many formula bottles participating hospitals purchase and use, constituting the strongest pro-breast-feeding program in the nation, the New York Post reports.

Of the city’s 40 hospitals, 27 have signed up for the Health Department’s voluntary “Latch On NYC” program. They have agreed to give up passing out freebies such as swag bags with formula-company logos and formula-branded mini gifts such as lanyards and mugs. The 27 hospitals also will document a medical reason for every bottle that an infant receives.

Baby formula will be stored in isolated, secure storerooms or in locked boxes like those used to distribute and track medications. When a mother receives a bottle, she’ll also get an explanation from hospital staffers as to why she should breast-feed instead.

As you can imagine, many mothers and expectant mothers are less than thrilled by the idea. “If they put pressure on me, I would get annoyed,” Lynn Sidnam, a Staten Island mother of two formula-fed girls, ages 4 months and 9 years, told the Post. “It’s for me to choose.”

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Why Are Republicans Calling To Disarm The American People?

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Yes why are the Republicans doing this, you expect the Democrats to do it but Republicans?

The recent deluge of attacks against the second amendment were completely predictable in the aftermath of the Colorado massacre, but what perhaps wasn’t so expected was the fact that a lot of them have come from so-called Republicans.

The most recent rhetorical assault on gun rights came yesterday courtesy of Reagan appointee and so-called intellectual anchor of the Supreme Court’s conservative wing, Justice Antonin Scalia.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Scalia said that the second amendment leaves rooms for certain types of weapons to be regulated.

“It will have to be decided in future cases,” Scalia told host Chris Wallace, adding that “They had some limitations on the nature of arms that could be borne,” when the Constitution was signed.

Scalia’s remarks prompted outrage from conservatives, who accused him of selling out to the political left.

Other luminaries on the political right did not wait long before joining their contemporaries on the left to call for gun rights to be restricted.

Within 48 hours of the ‘Batman’ shooting, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, labeled a “GOP kingmaker” in the United States, voiced his support for restricting the second amendment, tweeting, “We have to do something about gun controls.”

Similarly, in several shows broadcast in the days following the Colorado massacre, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has repeatedly advocated the creation of a national database of gun owners, currently prohibited by federal law, joining the likes of Piers Morgan, Michael Moore and Michael Bloomberg in savaging the second amendment.

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol also reacted to the Aurora shooting by calling for a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban. He was joined by talk radio host Michael Savage, who despite modeling himself as one of the Obama administration’s most ardent critics also advocated reintroducing the ban.

With so-called “conservatives” like this, who needs liberals?

Given the fact that virtually all of the names mentioned above are ardent supporters of Mitt Romney, who signed into law an assault weapons ban while Governor of Massachussets, in addition to making repeated public statementsabout supporting strict gun control laws in order to “provide for our safety,” whoever wins the presidential election, the next four years are going to be a battle for gun rights activists.

It’s ironic that while many conservative and Republican icons have joined the political left in exploiting the Colorado massacre to rhetorically ambush the second amendment, the federal government under the Obama administration is simultaneously arming itself to the teeth as part of preparations to deal with unruly Americans in the event of civil unrest.

While the Department of Homeland Security puts out requests for ”riot gear” to deal with civil unrest during the upcoming RNC, DNC and presidential inauguration, the federal agency also recently awarded defense contractor ATK a deal to provide the DHS with 450 million rounds of bullets over a five year period.

The DHS has also recently purchased a number of bullet-proof checkpoint booths that include ‘stop and go’ lights.

Leading conservatives don’t seem too fussed at the fact that the federal government is gearing up for violence as it targets politically active conservatives as domestic extremists.

However, when it comes to calling for Americans to be disarmed and the second amendment to be eviscerated, the Republican establishment shows equal if not greater zeal than the left in rushing to blame tragedies such as the Aurora shooting on God-given rights enshrined in the very same Constitution that conservatives are supposed to uphold and cherish.

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Disgraced Former Penn State University President Now Working for U.S. Government

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Graham Spanier might have been ousted from his post at the helm of Penn State over the sex-abuse scandal that engulfed the university, but it seems he’s found a backup employer: the American taxpayer.

Only a disgraced public figure would consider joining the much-maligned ranks of the federal workforce as a step up, reputation-wise. We can assume there were no openings for a used-car salesman.

Spanier was faulted in an internal Penn State report after the conviction on child-molestation charges of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. The report said he, head coach Joe Paterno and others helped cover up Sandusky’s abuse.

His lawyer confirms to the Loop that Spanier is working on a part-time consulting basis for a “top-secret” agency on national security issues.But the gig is so hush-hush, he couldn’t even tell his attorneys the name of the agency. In April — months after his ouster as president but before the release of the internal report — he told the Patriot-News of central Pennsylvania that he was working on a “special project for the U.S. government relating [to] national security.”

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United Nations Small Arms Treaty Not Dead, Just Postponed

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So they do want to disarm US Citizens, but not until after elections to give Obama a better chance to win.

Opponents arrayed against the United Nations’ anti-gun effort prematurely celebrated on Friday as the treaty stalled due to member states failing to reach an agreement on revised language in the text. The treaty went into limbo after the United States, Russia and China called for more time to consider revisions.

NGOs and gun-grabber groups portrayed the stall as “stunning cowardice” and a “staggering abdication of leadership” and attributed the supposed failure to the Obama administration. A nameless diplomat went so far as to claim the U.S. had “derailed the process” and complained that there is little hope the treaty will be revived after the U.S. election.

The U.S. State Department, however, said in a statement released at the conclusion of the negotiating conference that the effort will indeed be revived after the election in November. “While we sought to conclude the month’s negotiations with a treaty, more time is a reasonable request for such a complex and critical issue,” said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

The extended timeframe will give Second Amendment opponents time to ramp up their propaganda campaign in favor of gun control following the suspiciously timed mass shooting in Colorado.

A number of establishment intellectuals – with CFR member Joe Klein leading the pack at Time Magazine – are now pushing “sensible” and “moderate” approaches to disarming the American people. Klein’s Time article, set to roll out on August 6, features a photo of a 100-round ammo drum of the sort James Holmes supposedly used in Aurora. Gun-grabbers in Congress have set their sites on extended round clips and other firearm accessories.

Although Bloomberg in New York and Chuck Schumer in the Senate and others are talking up outlawing armor-piercing ammunition and semi-automatic weapons, the establishment has responded to the bureaucratic snafu at the United Nations by playing possum or playing dead.

After the election finale in November and the installation of Romney or the re-installation of Obama as chief teleprompter reader in January, not only will there be a push for a new round of restrictive gun laws in America, but the stalled United Nations treaty will be dusted off and the bickering between nations will finally end with a gun-grabbing consensus.

As Al Benson, Jr., notes, careerist politicians are reluctant to press forward on legislation for fear of their cushy jobs. “As for the Senators, this is, after all, an election year and if they antagonize their gun-owning constituency many of them will be in big trouble, so they have to try to placate us, at least for now, until they get back into office. Then all bets are off, especially if Comrade Obama gets a second term (notice I didn’t say “wins” a second term),” he writes.

The corporate media has portrayed those of us concerned about a United Nations treaty outlawing our guns as conspiracy kooks and paranoids. They insist the Constitution trumps any internationalist treaty and there is nothing to worry about, so we need to relax.

But as CFR minion Joe Klein knows, the one-world government crowd has no respect for the Constitution and works relentlessly to undermine it.

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