I don’t always agree with this website, but found this very interesting and informative. Shows you why the people in Murfreesboro,Tn are rightfully upset about their new mosque there

Sharia fans are finding a way to make you pay taxes in the form of millages to art museums to promote Islam. And whether or not you live in Michigan, you should pay attention to the Detroit Institute of Arts millage vote which is on the ballot in Michigan’s primary, next Tuesday (August 7th).


This Equals ThisIt’s a tax to help pay for expensive Korans and designs featuring the Shehadah, the Islamic oath of martyrdom uttered by Islamic terrorists, just before they murder Westerners.

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), unlike most other museums in North America, has a giant portion dedicated to a permanent and growing Islamic art collection. The collection consists mostly of Korans, expensive Koran pages, and other alleged forms of so-called “art” embracing and promoting Islamic shuras, pronouncements, and religious observances. None of the Koran pages (see photos below) is artistic in any way, shape, or form. They are just Arabic writings promoting Islam, the same Arabic writings that have promoted the mass murder of Non-Muslims for centuries.

And here’s a tip: the DIA doesn’t have a Christian art collection. No permanent Jewish art display. No Hindu or Zoroastrian or Wiccan art collections. Just Islam. No other religion has a full-time curator dedicated to promoting its “art” at the DIA. But the DIA has a paid, full-time Islamic art expert on its staff, and she spends all of her time “curating” the collection.

If the DIA were a private institution, what it promoted would be its business and its business alone. But it isn’t a private organization. It’s a museum seeking a tri-county public tax, from the three major counties in the Detroit area, to sustain itself and provide free admission to promote Islam with the charade of “Islamic art.” The museum is seeking a tax of around $20 per year from every Detroit-area homeowner in the three major counties in order to sustain that collection which no one–except a few Muslims–visits or wants to see. Right now, you have to pay admission to visit the DIA. But few are interested anymore

If the tax passes–and there have been over $2 million in TV ads promoting the DIA Islamic “Art” tax, with nothing opposing it–the museum should and likely will face a legal challenge. That’s because any tax millage that might pass to sustain the Islamic art display at the DIA violates the Michigan Constitution’s very strict establishment clause (far stricter than the U.S. Constitution’s similar provision) preventing any public funds from being used to promote or facilitate religion in any way.

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