Note to Michelle: don’t mess with the Golden Arches.

Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, where she told Leno that after winning her medal, she “splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s.” Unfortunately for Douglas, she was sitting on the same set as Food Police Commissar Michelle Obama, who quickly chided her for not eating healthy. “No Gabby,” she tut-tutted, “we don’t … don’t encourage. I’m sure it was on a whole wheat muffin … You’re setting me back, Gabby!”

The implication: McDonald’s is the root of all food evil.

Now McDonald’s is fighting back. McDonald’s had already co-sponsored the Olympic Games to the tune of $100 million, specifically pushing its “Favorites Under 400” dishes, an attempt to get people to eat foods under 400 calories. And the Egg McMuffin clocks in at a robust 300 calories. “We are working hard to continue to provide our valued customers – Olympians and others alike – with great tasting, quality food and beverage options in a variety of portion sizes to fit any dietary needs,” explained McDonald’s director of communications, Dayna Proud. And dietary specialists say that it’s not out of line for Douglas to chow down on the McMuffin – she needs protein, and her calorie intake is higher than that of non-Olympic athletes.

President Obama and his wife have already made clear their distaste for the business community. Attacking one of America’s most beloved institutions by lecturing one of America’s most beloved athletes is – no pun intended – in bad taste.

Here’s one comment on this article:


But for the fact that Michelle is married to the President of the United States, her food police comments and intimidation would be marginalized at worst and mocked at best.  Who the  h*ll is she to be telling any of us what to eat and not eat while she gorges on lobster, luscious State dinners and vacations all over the world on the taxpayers’ dime?  Hypocracy thy name is Michelle Obama.

I wish some national columnist would point this out:

The whole justification for abortion is that no one can tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her own body.  But the same people who spout that idea are the first to tell everyone what they can or cannot do with their own bodies, when it comes to what they eat or drink.


You mean like how Obama helps his poor brother, or his aunt that is on welfare, or his illegal uncle here that keeps getting DUIs?
But yet, he wants to tell us how to eat, spend our money, that we earned, while he helps no one.