11/7/12 – Over the next few days, we will work on posting an Electoral Map showing President Obama’s victory in the 2012 Presidential Election. At the top of the page is a temporary map showing Obama’s victory, with Florida still not called, but very likely to be in Obama’s Column. If so, that would make the Electoral Vote end up at 332-206. We’ve also posted a map showing what the popular vote looks like county-by-county across the country. We’ll also be adding the final numbers in each state to compare to the polling averages in each state. As you can see in the table below, the polling averages did correctly reveal what the outcome of the Election would be, with the exception of one state. I believed the polls did not accurately reflect what the makeup of the 2012 electorate would be, but as it turned out, I was wrong. It usually takes several days for all the vote totals to settle, but by sometime next week, we will try to have that information added to the table and to the individual state pages.

Latest 2012 Presidential Election Polls & Electoral Vote Projection – Here is our Final 2012 Presidential Election Electoral Vote Map (above) and Table (below). We have shaded the states according to our projection of how the state is likely to vote in the November 2012 General Election. We will continue tonight and tomorrow to add last minute polls, but will not change the Electoral Vote Projection.

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