I, like most of the conservative pundits thought that the morning of November 7th we would wake up to a new President and the world would be ok. Well, God has a way with changing expectations!

For a few moments, I waned in disgust. How could we have gotten it this wrong. How could so many people have gotten comfortable that Romney was going to win?

That was the problem. The worst almost ALWAYS happens when you get comfortable.

This was the shot fired across the bow. The electorate has changed. There are a lot of younger people that have been trained in liberal schools that came out and voted. The same people you see interviewed on Jay Leno that do not know who the Vice President is…other than he looks like a nice guy helped Barack Hussein Obama return for a second term.

After his comment to Dimitri Medelev of “wait til I’ve won re-election, to the ongoing battle with Benghazi, and even another challenge to ObamaTaxCare in the Supreme Court – we cannot give up. There exists the possibility of several appointments to the SCOTUS. It’s something we will have to stay on our Senators and Congressmen about.

There is also the matter of the mid term elections when Harry Reid comes up for re-election and it’s time his old wrinkled butt goes home.

We may have gotten the wind knocked out of us, but remember a couple of things.

This country, and our freedoms are way too important to give up the fight.

One slap to the face shouldn’t make us go crying to mama…

It’s time to shake the dust off our feet, man (or woman) up, and get prepared to take the senate in 2014. We have two years to get our ducks in a row and learn how to appeal to the young liberals, the hispanics and the blacks who put Obama in office.

They cannot and should not be ignored, or we will see yet more arrogance and disrespect brought upon this great country. I don’t want to draw a last breath knowing I just sat down and said “oh well”. It’s time to renew the fight. It’s time to remember that our task is no less great than the founders who told King George a resounding “NO”.

Do you think they expect less of us since they left the country in our hands?