Senator Michael S. Lee is disturbed by the reauthorization of the  FISA bill being able to search electronic communications of US Citizens WITHOUT a warrant as the 4th amendment calls for of the US government’s database of such.

“No one disputes that the government may have a legitimate need to search its FISA database for information about a US person. But there’s no legitimate reason why the government ought not first obtain a warrant by articulating and justifying the need for its intrusion on the privacy of a US person. Our constitutional values demand nothing less. Unfortunately, we won’t be voting on such an amendment today, so our reauthorization of FISA will include a grant of authority for the government to perform backdoor searches, seeking information on individual American citizens without a warrant. I believe such searches are inconsistent with fundamental Fourth Amendment principles.”

– Senator Michael S. Lee

Rand Paul offers amendment to protect emails and text messages from warrantless surveilance

Why We Should All Care About Today’s Senate Vote on the FISA Amendments Act, the Warrantless Domestic Spying Bill…from Electronic Frontier Foundation…

The good news is—thanks for your phone calls, emails, and tweets—Congress will now be forced to debate it, which means we can affect its outcome. In case you forget just how dangerous the FISA Amendments Act is to your privacy, here’s how we described it last week: