UPDATE: Since I posted this article, the Commerical Appeal has pulled it in lieu of anther article, so the link won’t take you to this article anymore. But it was there. I did get a video of him saying some of this I uploaded to YouTube.

You’ve got to be kidding…this is our Governor in Tennessee. Somebody educate this man, please, we passed the Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act, the Tennessee Healthcare Freedom Act (nullifying Obamacare) and now he questions a nullification law on unConstitutional executive orders? Somebody wake me up, I must be dreaming this. Calgon take me away.

Gov. Bill Haslam questions whether President Barack Obama’s gun control measures are outside the president’s constitutional authority.

“It concerned me a little bit. A whole lot of what he proposed was more unilateral action than congressional approval. … “I am an executive. I am always thinking the executive branch should be able to have a lot of power. I do think on these issues having the legislative branch fully engaged in part of that discussion is critical,” Haslam said this morning after a visit to Cornerstone Elementary in Frayser.

“We all have to say, we have an issue around violence in this country. I think no matter where you are on the spectrum, we need to admit that. So the question is, what do we do? Is it about restricting access to assault weapons? Is it about mental health issues? Is it about better background checks? We need to have that conversation and we’re reviewing all that,” Haslam said.

“This is not a simple issue, if it was, we would have solved it a while back. It is complex both practically in terms of, OK, if you do a background check on somebody, are you going to background check their whole family? In the Sandy Hook instance, it was a mother who had purchased those weapons legally and then the son took the mother’s weapons. It’s more complex practically and politically in terms of what will work than a lot of us would like it to be,” the governor said.

However, Haslam questions the authority any state would have in limiting enforcement of a new federal gun ban. (I just can’t believe this and now we have…Texas, Missouri Join Other States Looking To Block Gun Bans It’s called Nullification Governor Haslam)

“I’m not an attorney, but I am not certain we have the power to do that as a state,” Haslam said. “… We do have the ability, obviously, to try to affect legislation on the national level. Our ability to tell the federal agents, no, and we are going to arrest you if you do that again, I’m not an attorney, but I wonder about our limits there.”

Rep. Joe Carr, R-Murfreesboro, Wednesday proposed legislation that would allow local law enforcement to charge federal agents with misdemeanors if they tried to enforce a federal gun ban in Tennessee.

Commercial Appeal