What a brillant statement…..”but they are here now” ….never mind they are here “illegally” and have broke the law. Amazing…..Obama sees them as “undocumented Democrats” and he wants them to be able to stay.

President Obama delivered a speech today on immigration reform and conceded that while some immigrants had broken the rules by crossing the border illegally; they are here now and are contributing members of the community.

Fox News

oldoldtimer 4 hours ago

So Obama decide which laws it is ok to break and which ones to ignore. So tell me what is the difference between him and any dictator? he is now telling Congress that they must act quickly or he will. Why the rush? Before people have had a chance for the emotions to subside and logical thought to take over. If you notice Obama likes to operate as though every thing was an immediate crisis. That is how bills get passed that would otherwise not stand a chance not even with Dems.

nolefan3 4 hours ago

@oldoldtimer He is not interested in a bipartisan bill, so he’s planning to rush his bill down the throats of the American people. Then, he’ll turn around and accuse Republicans of not cooperating.

calmvoice 4 hours ago

Some immigrants?  In the first place, they aren’t immigrants, they’re illegal aliens.  In the second place, it’s the duty of the President, through ICE, to ship them back across the border.

getheridge 5 hours ago

Let me get this straight. If 11 people break into my home or just enter without permission, sure they have broken the law, oh excuse me I mean, the rules. then they are already inn so I mustn’t worry about the law, oops, rules. I should adopt them and support them. Are you kidding me. If we are a nation of laws then enforce the laws we have. If not then throw it all away and enforce none. Our whole system is broken and needs an injection of the Constitution.

ret_top_sgt 7 hours ago

No, Mr. President, they didn’t “break the rules”…they broke the law but then upholding the laws of this country doesn’t seem to have a real high priority with you or your administration, does it?