New York passed the strictest gun control law in the country on Jan 15th. Called the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, or SAFE Act, it was voted on in the NY Senate and Assembly late at night and the legislators had little time to examine the bill.

The list of counties, sheriffs and municipalities across the state that oppose the law continues to grow.

To date, six counties, Ulster, Lewis, Warren, Washington, Madison and Oswego, legislators have passed resolutions calling for the repeal of the law. Resolutions have been introduced and are pending in Jefferson, Erie and Ontario counties.

Today, the City Council of Ogdensburg passed a resolution to be sent to Governor Cuomo with a message on the SAFE Act, “get rid of it.”

The city’s resolution passed with a unanimous 6-0 vote. Mayor Bill Nelson, Deputy Mayor and sponsor Michael D. Morley and councilors Daniel E. Skamperle, William D. Hosmer, Wayne L. Ashley and R. Storm Cilley all voted in favor of overturning. Councilor Jennifer Stevenson was absent.

“A resolution protesting the passage and enforcement of the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (SAFE ACT) because it is an infringement on the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the States” read the resolution’s summary statement (

Ogdensburg Mayor Nelson called how the bill was passed in Albany “government at its worst.”

A resolution is expected to be introduced into the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators next week. This resolution is also expected to call on the Governor to overturn the SAFE Act.

Sheriffs in Schuyler, Warren, Saratoga, Lewis and Schuyler counties have all made public statements in opposition to the strict gun control law.

A 2nd Amendment rally is planned in Albany on Feb. 28th to protest the law, sponsored in part by the National Rifle Association. More than 100 opponents to the law participated in a protest at the Ogdensburg AMVETS Post 19 as a fund raiser for the march in Albany.