Perhaps the most controversial part of McCain’s political record has been in the area of gun rights. And consequently, this has been the source of most of the anger conservatives have directed toward the senator.

Through the years McCain has managed to garner the worst grade possible on gun rights from Gun Owners of America, which rates him at “F-.” The NRA, which has a much more lenient rating system, gives McCain a “B+,” but most conservatives say that the NRA grade is highly misleading. The Gun Owners of America rating for McCain is much closer to the real truth.

Today McCain announced that universal background checks is picking up broad support from both Parties in the U.S. Senate and indicated that he will support the proposal. (No we don’t want universal background checks!!! Period!!!)

Although many Americans seem on the surface to support the concept of universal background checks, a closer look reveals that few actually understand the proposal and what it will do.

The United States already has the closest thing to universal background checks that one can reasonably expect from a burgeoning bureaucracy. All federal licensed gun dealers are required by law to run such checks each time a gun is sold. Even most vendors at gun shows are also required by law to do background checks.

So why is this issue suddenly so important when the nation already has in place a system for checking for the criminal and mental health history of potential gun buyers? And why is this issue being promoted as an answer to “gun violence” when mass shooters such as Sandy Hook murderer Adam Lanza are largely prevented from getting their guns legally due to background checks?

Lanza, it is to be remembered, stole his mother’s weapons, which he never would have gotten had his mother exercised appropriate precaution and locked up her guns, given that a lunatic lived in the house.

The answer lies in what the present push for universal background checks actually does. Very few of the guns sold in America today are done so apart from background checks, and those that are sold without the checks are transferred citizen to citizen either through a private sale or transaction, a gift, or an heirloom handed down from one generation to another.

In short, the only reason universal background checks are being pushed as if there is a dire national emergency is that the government wants private gun sales banned. It does not want the individual citizen to have the right to sell his gun to another citizen. It does not want the individual citizen to be able to give a gun as a gift to a loved one or a friend. And it does not want the individual citizen to be able to hand down a beloved firearm to a son, daughter, or grandchild.

This law, thus, is a direct attack on the freedom of the individual citizen to do what they want with their own property — a concept that has been a staple of this free nation since its inception. And this is why gun owners and conservatives are so vehement in their opposition to “universal background checks.”

Woe be unto any Republican who votes in favor of this tyrannical law. They will be targets for defeat in the next election.

Constitutionalists do not look kindly on politicians, or anyone else for that matter, who will use an issue like background checks as a clever ruse for trampling all over the individual rights of citizens in what was once a free country.