Our regular readers here are not surprised at this Memo, I’ve been saying for a long time if you study history (Hitler, Stalin, etc) you’ll discover that gun registration is always followed by confiscation……Always!  The government KNOWS that assault weapons bans, universal background checks, etc. will not work unless they confiscate all the guns. Folks, Congress can’t pass a bill and the President sign it and then the 2nd amendment is gone. That isn’t lawful. Congress must amend the Constitution to void any amendment, then after 2/3 of Congress passes that bill, 3/4 of the States MUST ratify that  bill, then the President can sign it into law. Folks that ain’t gonna happen!

The National Rifle Association has obtained a Department of Justice memo calling for national gun registration and confiscation. The nine page “cursory summary” on current gun control initiatives was not officially released by the Obama administration.

The DOJ memo (downloadable here as a PDF) states the administration “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation,” according to the NRA, and thinks universal background checks “won’t work without requiring national gun registration.” Obama has yet to publicly support national registration or firearms confiscation, although the memo reveals his administration is moving in that direction.

The memo stands in stark contrast to the administration’s public stance on so-called gun control. White House spokesman Jay Carney said last month that laws proposed by Obama would not “take away a gun from a single law-abiding American.”

DOJ memo states: “Buybacks are ineffective unless massive and coupled with a ban.”