And the Republicans are pretty well on board with this. Never mind the Constitution gives the power of the purse and taxing to Congress and provides NO way to cede this authority. This may be a done deal in a matter of hours.

From Politico

Tennessee Senators set to give Obama unlimited power to tax

Our sources on Capitol Hill have informed us the Senate is working on a backroom deal to give President Obama nearly total control over federal spending for the rest of this fiscal year.
This is their “solution” to their self-created sequestration crisis.
Your Tennessee Senators may be on the verge of ceding their constitutional authority to Obama and giving him virtually unlimited power over taxing and spending.

If this deal goes through, our “Radical-in Chief” will have almost unlimited power to raise taxes for the next seven months!

+ + GOP Senators Set to Betray Constitution!
Under this dirty, backroom deal, Obama would essentially be given full authority to raise taxes and set spending levels, because Congress would need a two-thirds vote on a “resolution of disapproval” to stop him (a near impossibility).
Top GOP Senate leaders have given their “tacit approval” to the plan, according to a Politico report that says “Republicans are now proposing that Congress surrender an important piece of its Constitutional ‘power of the purse’ for the last seven months of this fiscal year.”

TRANSLATION: Your  Tennessee Senators would cede their constitutional duty and give Obama unconstitutional powers to RAISE YOUR TAXES with NO accountability.


+ + Doorstep Of Totalitarianism
This proposed action by the Senate, with the support of Republicans, borders on treason and brings America to the doorstep of totalitarianism.
This is a clear violation of the separation of powers — Congress is constitutionally given the authority to tax and spend. The founders separated these powers because they lived under the TYRANNY of a king who had both legislative and executive powers.
Now, Tennessee Senators stand on the verge of effectively returning us to the days of King George III. But this time, it will be “King Barack” who can tax us to his liking.

I’m calling on every patriotic citizen to take action right now and demand that the Senate NOT CEDE ITS CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY TO OBAMA!

P.S. This dirty deal is expected to happen in the next few hours so your immediate action is vitally important.
PLEASE CALL your two Tennessee Senators and let them know you are fully aware of this backroom deal to cede taxing authority to Obama. Phone numbers:
Sen. Alexander : 202-224-4944   Sen. Corker : 202-224-3344