While the House GOP leadership took a PASS on considering an amendment last week that would restrict funding for Obamacare, the Senate GOP are opting not to PASS on the opportunity. What will happen is that the Senate will begin considering the full funding of our federal government via the continuing resolution this week. This funding expires at the end of March. Included in this funding bill is funding for the Health and Human services department which implements much of ObamaCare.

On Feb. 15, 2013, all states were supposed to notify the feds as to whether or not they would establish state Health Care exchanges. Almost half of the states opted to say NO. This means that the federal government will now have to establish, implement and run these states exchanges for those states that opted out. The rub here is that the feds don’t have the money. They need more money from Congress.

ObamaCare turns 3 yrs old on March 23. The Senate will conduct a vote on de-funding ObamaCare at some point this week in an effort to pass the continuing resolution. This de-funding proposal is being offered by GOP Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT). Watch this video and let your Senators know you support the de-funding effort. What a great B-day gift! Video is here:

WATCH the video for more information:

Write your Senator on GradeGov.com and let them know you want them to support the de-funding effort coming up in the Senate.

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