This blaming everything on the Sequester is getting old, plus it is obvious to most it is a outright lie and instead a purposeful attempt to do things that will hurt the public and catch their attention. And of course blame on the Republicans, which isn’t the truth.

The U.S. Air Force Academy has cancelled its annual July 4th celebration and military officials are blaming it on the sequestration.

“Faced with so many uncertainties about the future budget, we have to look at ways to save money,” said Lt. Col. John Bryan, Director of Public Affairs at the Academy.  ”But for now, we’ve had to cut back on many things we normally would support.”

The community-wide celebration is traditionally held at Falcon Stadium – with barbecues, patriotic music and a fireworks display.

The Air Force Academy spokesman said they hope to celebration the nation’s birthday in 2014.

The Air Force had already canceled the Tunderbirds’ season and halted their traditional flyover during graduation. They also canceled support for air shows, F-22 Raptor demonstration flights, and trade shows.

Air Force Academy July 4th celebration in 2009

Air Force Academy July 4th celebration in 2009

There have been accusations that the Obama administration is encouraging government entities to make the sequester budgets cuts as painful as possible for the general public.

There was widespread criticism after they shuttered the White House to public tours – disappointing thousands of school children who planned to visit what First Lady Michelle Obama once called “the People’s House.”

A U.S. park ranger told Fox News that the administration overruled plans within the National Park Service to minimize the impact of the sequester.

“Apparently, they want the public to feel the pain,” the ranger said.

The National Park Service is among many federal agencies warning of a major impact from the sequester cuts, which took effect last Friday. The agency has warned of delayed access to portions of Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks, closed campgrounds at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, reduced hours at the Grand Canyon visitor center and other ramifications.

The Obama administration says these cuts must be made in order to make the $85 billion in cuts from Congress’ failure to avert the sequester. At the NPS, the agency was dealing with an across-the-board 5 percent cut. (If our readers really believe this, Steve and I have some bottom land we’d like to sell you at a great price!, lol….this is just one more example of what kind of people we’re dealing with)

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