Too bad! It looks like a fading movie star has realized she would have lost a contemplated attempt to defeat the Republican Senate Minority Leader in the 2014 Kentucky Senate race.

In a series of tweets, Ashley Judd has recognized that she would be an inappropriate candidate for the United States Senate against Mitch McConnell in 2013. No doubt this will disappoint some who dreamed of a liberal celebrity sweeping to victory. But wiser heads no doubt explained to the Hollywood celebrity that she would be taken apart for the numerous dumb things that have come out of her mouth. You see, growing up in a showbiz family and then becoming a star, one rarely finds one’s words subjected to close analysis, so the skill of self-censorship develops comparatively slowly.

Ms. Judd, who made a point of returning to finish her BA degree after becoming a star, clearly wants to be seen more as an intelligent woman than as a pretty face. Other stars have gone on to political careers, so why not her?  But her mother, Naomi Judd, says that Ashley is “not as a smart as she acts,” so perhaps she failed to realize what a horse’s ass she had made of herself in public when acting as an arrogant left wing Hollywood liberal — a political celebutard.