DHS excuse for buying billions of rounds of ammo exposed as yet another blatant lie

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Responding to a letter from Sen. Tom Coburn, the Department of Homeland Security — an agency that has no business being armed in the first place — says it’s buying billions of rounds of ammunition in order to “significantly lower costs.”

It’s all about saving money, you see. DHS isn’t arming up in anticipation of a shooting war on the streets of America, and it’s not buying thousands of armored assault vehicles for that purpose either. No, DHS is only buying all this ammo to save you money!

This response by DHS, of course, is an obvious lie. Why? Because a significant portion of the bullet purchases specify hollow point rounds. In case you didn’t know, hollow points are significantly MORE expensive than “ball” ammo (FMJ). Under the Geneva convention, hollow points are illegal to use in war because they cause far greater tissue damage, too. So they can only be used domestically, inside the United States in a civil action, not an international war.

If DHS really wanted to “significantly lower costs” on ammunition, it would have purchased FMJ rounds (full metal jacket), not hollow points. But in April of 2012, ammunition manufacturer ATK announced it had been awarded a DHS purchase contract for 450 million rounds of hollow point .40 caliber ammo. That’s almost half a billion rounds right there, and they’re all hollow point rounds.

The press release claimed, “The special hollow point effectively passes through a variety of barriers and holds its jacket in the toughest conditions.” You can read the full original press release at Infowars.com.

The press release on the ATK website, by the way, has been modified to remove any mention of “450 million rounds.” Read it here:

First it was a conspiracy theory that the bullets existed… now it’s a verified fact that billions of rounds are being purchased.

The cover stories collapse

The first response from DHS was that there were no bullets. They didn’t exist. The contracts were purely fictional and DHS had no intention of actually taking delivery on any bullets.

When that cover story was exposed as an obvious lie, the story shifted to its current distortion: “We bought all that ammo to save you money!” (By the way, where are the apologies to all of us who first reported the DHS ammo purchases and were called conspiracy theorists for breaking the story on now-verified facts?)

Ah, so now the bullets DO exist after all, but we should all be thankful DHS is buying all these bullets because it’s a wonderful example of fiscal responsibility, you see. Because when a government is economically on the verge of collapse, operated by criminals and destroying the liberties of the people, the most important way to “save money” is to load up on billions of rounds of ammo. It makes perfect sense, does it not?

But now the “saving money” cover story is also collapsing due to the fact that most of the bullets purchased are hollow point rounds, and hollow point rounds are the most expensive rounds you can buy. This includes hundreds of thousands of sniper rounds, by the way, which are specified in the purchase contracts as “BTHP” — meaning “Boat Tail Hollow Point.” These sniper rounds are long-range bullets with remarkable flight stability. Depending on the ballistics coefficients and muzzle velocities, some of these bullets have ranges of well over one mile.

Exactly who does DHS need to shoot with hollow point bullets at a range of one mile?

Private citizens are buying 50 million rounds EACH WEEK

According to my sources, private citizens across the USA have been buying up far larger quantities of ammo than DHS. At peak production, U.S. ammunition manufacturers can produce nearly one billion rounds of ammo each week. Most of that production goes straight to the Pentagon for military use. But roughly one-twentieth of it is available for the law enforcement and civilian markets.

That comes to 50 million rounds each week being placed on the market. Most of this is being frantically bought up by individual gun owners. Most ammo doesn’t even make it to store shelves, as full pallets are being trucked off in back lots mere minutes after they arrive at gun shops and retailers.

If these numbers are accurate — and I’m not 100% sure of their accuracy yet — this means U.S. civilians could be buying up to 2.4 billion rounds of ammo in a year’s time, outpacing even DHS ammo purchases. Even more impressively, private citizens are buying up millions of guns each month. All these hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo and millions of firearms are being hidden away until they are needed.

It doesn’t take long to realize what’s really happening here: a massive arms race is underway in America. Rest assured that gun purchasers are not buying guns just so they can turn them in. They are not buying ammo just to turn around and register it with the government. They are not buying 30-round magazines for the purpose of registering them with the criminal, traitorous lawmakers of states like Connecticut. They are buying guns and ammo in order to prepare an armed defense against a corrupt, criminal government that has abandoned the rule of law (the Constitution) and is now aggressively stripping Americans of their guaranteed fundamental rights (the Bill of Rights).

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Obama mocks gun owner concerns as ‘ginned-up fears’ in Colorado

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Obama tries to insult our intelligence….but it isn’t working and it won’t ever work. We have has number.

Today in Colorado Obama mocked legitimate 2nd amendment concerns by gun owners:


The opponents of some of these common sense laws have ginned up fears among responsible gun owners that have nothing to do with what’s being proposed, nothing to do with the facts, but feeds into this suspicion about government. You hear some of these quotes:

I need a gun to protect myself from the government.”
We can’t do background checks because the government’s going to come take my guns away.”

The government’s us. These officials are elected by you. They are elected by you, I am elected by you. I am constrained as they are constrained by a system that our founders put in place. This is a government of and by and for the people. (Yeah and every chance Obama gets he goes around the Constitution and Congress, so you can’t believe anything he says. Whatever Obama says, the opposite is the truth)

So surely we can have a debate that’s not based on the notion somehow that your elected representatives are trying to do something to you other than potentially prevent another group of families from grieving the way the families of Aurora or Newtown or Columbine have grieved. We’ve got to get passed some of the rhetoric that gets perpetuated that breaks down trust and is so over the top that it just shuts down all discussion.

And it’s important for all of us when we hear that talk to say ‘hold on a second’. If there are any folks out there right now who are gun owners and you’ve been hearing that someone is taking away your guns, get the facts! We’re not proposing a gun registration system. We’re proposing background checks for criminals.

Don’t just listen to what some advocates or folks who have an interest in this are saying. Look at the actual legislation. That’s what happened here in Colorado. And hopefully if we know the facts and we’re listing to each other, then we can actually move forward.

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Colorado Police Officers Slam Obama For Using Cops as Stage Props

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Denver police officers are upset that Barack Obama will use a police department training facility and police officers as props for his anti-gun speech today in Colorado.

Officer Danny Veith joined Megyn Kelly today on American Live to discuss this shameful campaign tactic used by the president.

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Bob Corker stops Tennessee Repeal of 17th Amendment

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Well looks like ole Bob is afraid he’ll lose his job if they put the election of our Senators back like the Founders meant it to be…It looks like Sen. “Bailout Bob” Corker has been whining to Speaker Harwell about a bill in the Tennessee General Assembly that could threaten his job. But keep on calling it isn’t dead. Just another example of why it needs to be changed. Corker works for us, not the other way around. But just a few days ago Bob Corker told reporters in Nashville he wouldn’t take a position on the bill, but said Tennessee voters like the ability to have a say in the nominees.(Oops!, caught ole Bob in a lie didn’t we? He did take a position and intervene in State politics)

Tennessee State Senator Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains) yesterday made a decision to “roll,” or move debate on his legislation that would allow the legislative caucuses of each political party in the General Assembly to choose the nominees for the United States Senate, which would restore some State and legislative oversight to Congress. Niceley rolled the bill to the last calendar on the last day of the legislative session.

The bill appeared headed for passage until Tennessee U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Chattanooga) intervened to have the legislation removed by contacting House Speaker Beth Harwell (R-Nashville). Corker’s action could be seen by some activists as a conflict of interest, since Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Maryville) would be exempt from the legislation for his planned re-election bid next year, but Corker would be subject to re-nomination by the Joint Republican Legislative Caucus, where a more conservative opponent might subject him to losing his spot on the ballot were the legislation to be approved.

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Intruder shot dead at home of rural Colorado prosecutor

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And they want to take the law abiding citizen’s gun away from them. Let’s start with these  type guys, that away their guns first how bout it. Then how would they feel when that intrudere comes knocking on their door?

DENVER (Reuters) – An intruder who forced his way into the mountain home of a Colorado deputy district attorney was shot dead by either the prosecutor or her police officer husband, authorities said on Tuesday.

The shooting, shortly before midnight Monday, comes two weeks after Colorado’s prisons director was slain as he answered the front door to his home, and two days after the district attorney of Kaufman County in Texas was found shot to death with his wife.

An assistant prosecutor in the Kaufman County district attorney’s office was shot to death on January 31, and authorities have said both Texas murders and the March 19 slaying of Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements appeared to be targeted killings rather than random acts of violence.

In light of the three previous cases, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is leading the probe into the latest shooting, which occurred in Hot Sulphur Springs, about 95 miles northwest of Denver.

“There are no apparent ties to recent shootings; however, investigators continue to pursue all possible leads and background information on this (dead) person,” the bureau said in a written statement.

Authorities did not immediately release the names of the deputy prosecutor and her husband in connection with Monday night’s shooting.

The deputy district attorney made a 911 emergency call and reported that a man was at her door “behaving very erratically,” police said.

The prosecutor then told dispatchers that the stranger forced his way into her home. An altercation ensued inside and shots were fired, leaving the unidentified man dead, police said.

A spokeswoman for one of the agencies investigating the incident told Reuters that the prosecutor and her husband, himself a sheriff’s deputy, both fired at the intruder, but it is too early in the probe to know who fired the fatal shot.

The Colorado prosecutor and her husband both suffered minor injuries and have been placed on paid leave pending the results of the investigation.

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Why Tennessee Needs Legislative Control of Its US Senators

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The Federalist #62 explains that by having the state legislatures appoint U.S. Senators it would serve as a check on federal power by the state governments.

“It is recommended by the double advantage of favoring a select appointment, and of giving to the State governments such an agency in the formation of the federal government as must secure the authority of the former, and may form a convenient link between the two systems.” [emphasis added]

“Another advantage accruing from this ingredient in the constitution of the Senate is, the additional impediment it must prove against improper acts of legislation. No law or resolution can now be passed without the concurrence, first, of a majority of the people, and then, of a majority of the States.” [emphasis added]

This clearly provides an additional check on federal usurpation of powers reserved to the state governments under the Constitution. Because all laws have to pass through a body comprised of agents of the various state governments, it makes it much harder for the federal government to usurp the states’ rightful power.

Because the Senate represented the state governments, each state’s senators were charged with jealously guarding their state government’s constitutionally retained powers against unconstitutional encroachment by the federal government.

So imagine if you will, that when Obama pushed his Obamacare legislation through Congress that we had a Senate comprised of senators appointed by their respective state legislatures. Most of the states don’t want to implement Obamacare, and don’t like having their constitutionally retained powers over health care usurped. The senators, being beholden to their state legislatures, would have stopped the nonsense and protected the powers rightfully retained under the Constitution by the states. This is exactly why the founders created the senate as they did.

You see, the founders knew that the federal government could never be trusted to keep its powers in check. This is why the Senate was created as a buffer to give the states a direct veto over a possible federal behemoth.

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TX AG Greg Abbott on Megyn Kelly discussing the UN Arms Trade Treaty

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Here Megyn Kelly of Fox News acknowledges what I have been saying, the Constitution trumps this UN Small Arms Treaty. The Treaty would be unconstitutional.

Here are two great things to read on when a Treaty becomes “supreme law of the land”.

Treaties: WHEN are they part of “the supreme Law of the Land”?

Supreme court ruling: Reid v. Covert

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