Is this administration completely out of control or what? It is obvious they are using the IRS, wiretapping and seizing phone records of the opposition (even the House of Representatives, which is Republican controlled) to intimidate them all and silence any opposition. This is very dangerous for everyone, very dangerous if they get away with it. this is what happens when dictators come to power.

Rep. Nune’s director of communications, Jack Langer, clarified the congressman’s comments Thursday morning:

What Rep. Nunes meant by “tapped” was that the DOJ seized the phone records, as has been widely reported. There was a little confusion between him and the host during the conversation: He did not mean to refer to phone records of the cloakroom itself, but of the Capitol. This refers to the phone records for the AP from  the House press gallery, which the DOJ admitted to looking at.

He was explaining that if those phone records were seized, they would reveal a lot of conversations between the press and members of Congress, since reporters often speak to Members from the press gallery phones. The notion of the DOJ looking at phone records from the Capitol of conversations between Members of Congress and reporters is something that concerns Rep. Nunes, bringing up issues related to the separation of powers.

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said Wednesday during an interview on the Hugh Hewitt Show that the Justice Department’s investigation of the Associated Press involved seizing phone records from the United States Capitol.

Here’s how the conversation went down [h/t Hot Air]

For those of you who don’t know what a congressional cloakroom is, it’s where U.S. lawmakers and select staffers go to mingle, socialize, and relax between sessions. The House and Senate cloakrooms, which have their own phone numbers, are ​not ​open to the media or the public.

Now, the press gallery is different. That’s obviously reserved for media. It also has phones. So if AP reporters were making calls to members of Congress via the press gallery, it appears the DOJ looked into those records:

The congressman’s revelation is particularly interesting considering the fact that even U.S Attorney General Eric Holder claims he provided the DOJ with ​his phone records.

“Some of my telephone records were examined,” Holder said during a congressional hearing Wednesday.

“I voluntarily turned them over,” he added. ( So that should make us all feel better?)

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