Well Lamar Alexander knows he isn’t liked too well in Tn, but he doesn’t care…..Read the quote below from Lamar Alexander, he has just declared war on the democratic process in Tennessee:

“I’m running a Colin Powell military operation, which is assemble an overwhelming force, focus on a single target and have the stomach to see it all the way through to the end,” Alexander said in an interview.

This man will happily spit in the eye of every Tennessee voter. He doesn’t care about the democratic process of open debate because he is Lamar Alexander. Lamar is declaring that HE is in control of Tennessee politics. With all of his millionaire donors backing him up he is declaring he will crush anyone who wants an open debate of his pitiful voting record.

The Republican establishment in Tennessee should be churning out Press Releases denouncing Lamar but they are too afraid to dissent, too afraid they will be crushed by his political machine. Just one more reason to repeal the 17th amendment here in Tn.

Lamar Alexander has an inventive way of fending off potential primary foes, one that could be a model for GOP incumbents running in 2014.

Drop by their house for iced tea

Just ask Monty Lankford, who threatened to challenge Alexander in a 2014 primary. On a recent afternoon, the Tennessee Republican met Lankford’s family at their home outside of Nashville, then sat down with his one-time foe for iced tea and cheese and crackers. The result: Lankford joined Alexander’s campaign team as its co-chairman and a chief fundraiser.

The iced tea summit is indicative of the new, more aggressive tactics being employed by Republican senators to fend off primary foes in 2014. Instead of waiting for insurgents to catch them asleep at the switch, GOP incumbents running in 2014 — like Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Pat Roberts of Kansas and John Cornyn of Texas — are acting early and proactively to ensure no serious challenger emerges.“I’m running a Colin Powell military operation, which is assemble an overwhelming force, focus on a single target and have the stomach to see it all the way through to the end,” Alexander said in an interview.

And some of the senators are finding ways to push issues in Washington that resonate back home, including last week, when the Senate passed a McConnell-Alexander plan they called the Freedom to Fish Act targeting federal restrictions along a river their states share.

Republican senators facing reelection next year are determined to avoid a repeat of 2010 and 2012, when tea party upstarts took out veteran GOP stalwarts Bob Bennett of Utah and Dick Lugar of Indiana. They are doing so by aggressively lobbying prospective foes to join their campaigns rather than challenge them, much as Roberts did in persuading two possible opponents to join his team.

Incumbents like McConnell have built campaign machines designed in part to scare off prospective primary foes while they meet privately with tea party activists. Indeed, McConnell won the endorsement of TheTeaParty.net after privately discussing his views with their representatives.

The lack of tea party challengers has significant implications in the national fight for control of the narrowly divided Senate. If a GOP senator were to lose the primary, Democratic chances of winning that seat would improve dramatically and help the party keep control of the chamber.

  • Karen Bracken13 hours ago

    Alexander is talking like a man that knows the end of his political career is very near. The people of Tennessee are tired of his globalist attitude. He has done more harm to this country than most and it is time to send him packing. He has stolen Tennessee land and put it in the hands of the federal government, he has destroyed education in America!!! He serves Lamar Alexander not the people and it is time for him retire.

  • youallsuck19 hours ago

    This still doesn’t count as ‘staving off primary foes’. The primary has to actually start for it to mean that. This is more about the Republican Senators setting themselves up for the primary. Staving off pre-primary foes is more apt.