From The Tea Party on FB: I have to point this out again because so many progressives thought this was the proof that Republicans were making up the Benghazi scandal, which of course wasn’t true regardless of the veracity of their claims on this story….

This is just classic. Republican staff weren’t allowed to have copies of the White House emails, they were just allowed to take notes on them. The Republicans then formulated summaries of their notes. Liberal news agencies then published these summaries as actual quotes from the emails. Other liberal news agencies then point out that the quotes don’t match up with the White House emails. Liberals go nuts accusing Republicans of doctoring the quotes. Liberals then suggest the whole Benghazi scandal is fabricated.

This is just one huge liberal circular circus of mistakes. Just classic. For the record, no quotes were doctored, Benghazi is a scandal, the Obama administration covered it up. The new scandal here is that Obama’s own adviser was out peddling this lie about doctored emails and he knew it wasn’t true. The whole administration is crooked. Nothing they say can be trusted.

(CHRIS USHER/AP) “That’s a very serious offense that happened where Republicans on the Hill, we voluntarily provided these e-mails to, took one of them, doctored it and gave it to ABC News in an attempt to smear the president.”

— White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer, appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” May 19, 2013

“I think one of the problems that there’s so much controversy here is because one of the e-mails was doctored by a Republican source and given to the media to falsely smear the president.” 

— Pfeiffer, on Fox News Sunday, May 19     

“They received these e-mails months ago, didn’t say a word about it, didn’t complain … And then last week a Republican source provided to Jon Karl of ABC News a doctored version of a White House e-mail that started this entire fear. After 25,000 pieces of paper are provided to Congress they have to doctor e-mail to make political hay, you know they’re getting desperate here.”

— Pfeiffer, on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” May 19

When a White House aide uses the same word — “doctored” — on three television shows, you know it is a carefully crafted talking point. On top of that, he says that this was done to “smear the president.”

These are strong words concerning the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the death of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. But is this a case of the White House communications chief taking liberties with the facts?

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