I agree with the commenter on this article. I think all these scandals are being leaked on purpose to rile the American people into having our own “Arab Spring” and then declare martial law.

GeeGee13 hours ago

Almost feels like the Administration (or those behind him ie: Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, Soros) are purposely trying to instigate social unrest. What is waiting in the wings to fill the power vacuum that would follow?

It almost feels like the country is being prepped for an “Arab Spring”.
ie: Removal of God, Christian from everything (especially the military), inclusion of Atheism as a “religion”, Same sex marriage etc etc etc.

Imagine for a moment that something like that did happen. How easy would it be to purge those that have publicly self identified as belonging to one or more of these many groups? Be it Christian, Atheist, LGBT, Pro Choice, Pro Woman Rights, Conservative, etc etc etc

These current changes will make for a more favorable environment for transition when the pendulum swings the other way. Not only that, but they now have stored … every piece of electronic information you or I have ever sent; since who knows how long ago! And let’s be honest, decent will not be tolerated by this opponent if it ever secures power.

It’s as if, our opponent is already in the drivers seat, directing these changes from within our governments’ agencies. Was Rush right?