Oh really? But all the info is classified and you can’t tell the American people about it?  Then tell us your illegal/uncontitutional activities prevented dozens of attacks.

The director of the National Security Agency has defended government programs that monitor phone calls and emails, claiming they have disrupted ‘dozens’ of terrorist attacks.

NSA director Keith Alexander defended the programs as ‘critical’ at a Senate hearing on Wednesday – a week after a former contractor, Edward Snowden, leaked information about the snooping.

While he refused to discuss specifics, he did say federal data mining appeared to play a role in helping disrupt a recent plot to attack the New York subway system.

He said information developed overseas was passed along to the FBI and used to identify suspect Najibullah Zazi in Colorado and uncover the plot. He pleaded guilty to terror-related charges in 2010.

At the hearing on Capitol Hill, Alexander also expressed his concerns about Snowden’s qualifications. He was entrusted with the government’s top secrets despite dropping out of high school.

‘I do have concerns about that. I have great concerns about that,’ he said.

Alexander insisted that the programs were key for the nation’s security and following Snowden’s leaks, the country is much less safe than it was two weeks ago.

‘We’re trying to be transparent here, protect civil liberties and privacy, but also the security of the U.S.,’ he said. ‘If we tell the terrorists what we’re going to do, they will get through and Americans will die.’ (As if the terrorists don’t already know their communications are being monitored)

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