Would you consider that Tennessee has in its state legislature a man who we might compare to Trey Gowdy, Mike Lee, or Ted Cruz?

Should it be necessary to call our US Senators to request they do the right thing by opposing the Immigration Bill?  If 75% of all Americans have been able to figure out that the Senate Bill is destructive, on their own, shouldn’t US Senators Corker and Alexander lead us to the right vote rather than requiring our phone calls, pleadings, and threats?  They are after all, adults, right?

Recently, Senator Jim Summerville publicly withdrew his announced support for the re-election of Senator Alexander who runs again in 2014.

This week, enjoy with me the satisfaction of knowing that there is another manly man, Senator Mark Green from Clarksville who has canceled his appearance with Senator Alexander at a huge fund raising event on July 20 at the Smyrna airport because of Alexander’s vote for amnesty for illegals.  (Gentleman that he is, Dr. Green has requested an audience with Senator Alexander.)

Be reminded that it was Senator Green, while an army physician in Iraq who was charged with keeping healthy the Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein…until we could hang him.

Brings a tear to me eye and makes me wonder if Senator Green honed his discernment for powerful, dishonest and disingenuous leaders while caring for Iraq’s notorious leader.

We MUST encourage and support our elected officials who not only stand up to Progressives but more importantly stand up to Progressivism in the Republican Party.  They get huge amounts of pressure from their Ron Ramseys and Beth Harwells.  Our affirmation of people like Summerville and Green can help them feel that they are indeed the true representatives of The People.

Please contact your own representatives, ask them to publicly oppose Lamar Alexander and let them know that they can count on your support of their opponent if they do otherwise.

There will be a counter rally on July 20 at that Alexander event.  Let’s show the good Senator that there is unity against wanderings and indiscretion, that it does matter to us that he is more a representative to DC than to Tennessee.

The care among Republicans about principle is outweighed by their concern to candidate loyalty and party loyalty.  Nine-Twelve puts principle and values first in its loyalties.  Everything else comes after that.

Lamar doesn’t care about us, he’s quite content that his war chest is bulging and he’s satisfied that the low information voters of Tennessee will blindly elect any Republican the party puts forward.

Is he right?

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