Barack Obama and his merry band of extremists are some of the most out-of-the-mainstream operatives in American politics today and the woman who is likely our next US Ambassador to the UN has a long history of essentially calling for the destruction of Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East.

This week Obama’s ambassadorial nominee, Samantha Power, will likely come up for approval by the Senate. So, it is instructive to look at some of Powers’ past actions and positions to remind us of why this extremist should not be confirmed.

For one thing, Power has long been a supporter of the terror group Hamas as a balance to the only mid eastern democracy that is Israel.

Power has, for instance, long been an advocate of funding the Palestinian Authority and Hamas and giving them military assets so that they can oppose Israel quite despite that Hamas and the PA have never reversed their stated goal of bringing genocide to Jews.

America’s Next Possible Ambassador: Wants Israel Destroyed, Says US Is Like Nazi Germany // Mr. Conservative.