“Liberal Lamar’s” Campaign Caught Lying About Event Attendance?

Last Saturday Senator Lamar Alexander’s reelection campaign held an event at the Smyrna Air Center. Many tea party and conservative groups were outside of the event protesting his liberal voting record.

Reports seem to indicate that there were about as many protestors as there were attendees but Lamar’s campaign is saying different.

According to Breitbart:

Staff for Sen. Lamar Alexander contacted Breitbart News to state that 500+ people attended the Rally for Alexander….Katherine Hudgins, an organizer of the “Beat Lamar” rally told Breitbart News “I have two reports from sources who won’t go one the record because of the position they hold in the party. One report is 250 the other was 300.”

Another grassroots organizer of the event had this to say in an e-mail to organizers:

The Alexander campaign is VERY SENSITIVE today about reports of their crowd size on Saturday. They’ve demanded the Knoxville News Sentinel update their story to report the crowd was 508.

As you can see from Liberal Lamar’s Facebook page photos of the event, there were definitely NOT 500 people in these photos (shown below).

Bottom line?  If Lamar Alexander and his staff are willing to lie about how many people show up to his event, what else are they willing to lie about?

Is Lamar’s Campaign Lying About Event Attendance?.