While insulting Hispanics, she is also trying to divide Hispanics against Whites as well. Comparing everthing to “whites”. Wait, all of the sudden Hispanics are separate from Whites again? I thought Zimmerman was a “white hispanic”? Now they are separate again. What ever suits the momment I guess.

According to Michelle Obama, Hispanic kids are more obese and less active. Do you think a Conservative could get away with something like this?

From Washington Examiner:

“Sadly all these changes and how we live and eat are having a devastating effect on our children’s health,” she said. “Right now nearly 40 percent Hispanic children in this country are overweight or obese – nearly 50 percent are on track to develop diabetes.”

Michelle Obama noted that Hispanics were also worried about the safety of their children – citing it as a reason that Hispanic children weren’t as active as white children.

Michelle to Hispanics: Your Race Tends to Be Fat.