Propaganda Alert. How do you feel about the government manipulating you into the behavior they desire?

Think you know how others should run their lives better than they do? Fancy yourself one of the intellectual elite tasked with molding the world into your own image? Love lording power over people?

You can serve on a federal “nudge squad!”

According to a document obtained by, the federal government has positions open in a newly created “Behavioral Insights Team.” These behavioral scientists will work with a large array of federal agencies molding public policy to help “nudge” Americans toward government-approved behaviors.

“Behavioral sciences can be used to help design public policies that work better, cost less, and help people to achieve their goals,” according to the feds.

Essentially, the team will study ways to manipulate Americans into buying into prescribed federal behaviors, such as paying taxes on time, adopting energy efficiency measures and eating the “right foods. The document lists several examples of U.S. and international policy initiatives already benefiting from the implementation of behavioral insights.

Increasing adoption of energy efficient measures: Offering an attic-clearance service (at full cost) to people led to a five-fold increase in their subsequent adoption of attic-insulation. Interestingly, providing additional government subsidies on attic insulation services had no such effect.

Former Obama regulatory czar  Cass Sunstein and Chicago Booth School of Business professor Richard Thaler coined the term “nudge” in a book by that title back in 2008. The duo “offers a new perspective on preventing the countless mistakes we make—ill-advised personal investments, consumption of unhealthy foods, neglect of our natural resources—and show us how sensible ‘choice architecture’ can successfully nudge people toward the best decisions.”

Thaler can’t imagine why anybody would oppose this idea.

“I don’t know who those people are who would not want such a program, but they must either be misinformed or misguided,” he told Fox News. “The goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government by using scientifically collected evidence to inform policy designs.”

But notice the inherent assumption: federal policy is absolutely, without question, flawless! Once the central planners in D.C. determine how you should live your life,  it only remains to design policy that will “nudge” you in that direction! Next step: utopia!

Big Brother knows best and he WILL get you to do what he wants – and you’ll like it! The document says the team will “help people to achieve their goals.” But in reality, it means the team will help us adopt goals approved by the federal government, and then will subtly manipulate us into playing along.

All for our own good, of course.

How wonderfully Orwellian! What could go wrong?

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A government document has surfaced, detailing the program and urging people to apply for positions on the team. It reads, “Behavioral sciences can be used to help design public policies that work better, cost less, and help people to achieve their goals.”

Maya Shankar initially released the document. She is a White House adviser and made the document public in an effort to try and generate interest in applying for the team.