CNN: Dozens of CIA Operatives on the Ground During Benghazi Attack, Agency is Polygraphing Operatives on a Monthly Basis

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Here is the deal with what is going on, this is all about arms shipments and running guns into Libya and the middle east all of which facilitated at the time through Amb Chris Stevens. Myself and countless others since September of last year have been saying this. Obama and the regime have been trying desperately to keep the lid on it. What’s key to keep in mind is the arms shipments were going out to other locations.  Chris Stevens met with the Turkish General Consul on 9/11/12! This is the same GC who has connections to terror organizations operating in Syria. Reports surfaced of a Libyan ship docked in Turkey where Syrian rebels actually clashed over who gets what.

The admin was arming, who they believed were rebels, but in effect our enemies in Libya, so CIA operation was in place to recover those weapons in Libya. Glen Doherty, killed during the attack on the annex in Benghazi, told ABC News LAST YEAR they “were on an intel mission to track weapons”.

So now the news hits about CIA polygraphing operatives to see who is and isn’t talking. What does that tell you when our own spy agency doesn’t trust their own people?Granted polygraph tests are normal procedure every 3-4 years but what is taking place now as Robert Baer states “means that the polygraph division suspects something, or they’re looking for something, or they’re on a fishing expedition.”

The admin is scared to death of the truth getting out. They are scared that their lies on this “phony scandal” will be exposed and that someone, because that’s all it will really take, will expose everything leading to charges of treason.


Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack
By Drew Griffin, Kathleen Johnston | CNN
CNN has uncovered exclusive new information about what is allegedly happening at the CIA, in the wake of the deadly Benghazi terror attack.

Four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in the assault by armed militants last September 11 in eastern Libya.

Sources now tell CNN dozens of people working for the CIA were on the ground that night, and that the agency is going to great lengths to make sure whatever it was doing, remains a secret.

CNN has learned the CIA is involved in what one source calls an unprecedented attempt to keep the spy agency’s Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out.

Since January, some CIA operatives involved in the agency’s missions in Libya, have been subjected to frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations, according to a source with deep inside knowledge of the agency’s workings.

The goal of the questioning, according to sources, is to find out if anyone is talking to the media or Congress.

It is being described as pure intimidation, with the threat that any unauthorized CIA employee who leaks information could face the end of his or her career.

In exclusive communications obtained by CNN, one insider writes, “You don’t jeopardize yourself, you jeopardize your family as well.”

Another says, “You have no idea the amount of pressure being brought to bear on anyone with knowledge of this operation.”

“Agency employees typically are polygraphed every three to four years. Never more than that,” said former CIA operative and CNN analyst Robert Baer.

In other words, the rate of the kind of polygraphs alleged by sources is rare.

“If somebody is being polygraphed every month, or every two months it’s called an issue polygraph, and that means that the polygraph division suspects something, or they’re looking for something, or they’re on a fishing expedition. But it’s absolutely not routine at all to be polygraphed monthly, or bi-monthly,” said Baer.

CIA spokesman Dean Boyd asserted in a statement that the agency has been open with Congress.

“The CIA has worked closely with its oversight committees to provide them with an extraordinary amount of information related to the attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi,” the statement said.

“CIA employees are always free to speak to Congress if they want,” the statement continued. “The CIA enabled all officers involved in Benghazi the opportunity to meet with Congress. We are not aware of any CIA employee who has experienced retaliation, including any non-routine security procedures, or who has been prevented from sharing a concern with Congress about the Benghazi incident.”

Among the many secrets still yet to be told about the Benghazi mission, is just how many Americans were there the night of the attack.

A source now tells CNN that number was 35, with as many as seven wounded, some seriously.

While it is still not known how many of them were CIA, a source tells CNN that 21 Americans were working in the building known as the annex, believed to be run by the agency.

The lack of information and pressure to silence CIA operatives is disturbing to U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, whose district includes CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

“I think it is a form of a cover-up, and I think it’s an attempt to push it under the rug, and I think the American people are feeling the same way,” said the Republican.…more

CNN: Dozens of CIA Operatives on the Ground During Benghazi Attack, Agency is Polygraphing Operatives on a Monthly Basis | Saving the Republic: Video News & Opinion.


Tennessee Newspaper Opinion Editor Fired Over Headline Critical of Obama

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Tennessee Newspaper Reportedly Fires Editor for Writing Op Ed Critical of Obamas Jobs Plan


The opinion page editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press has been fired over a headline of an editorial that was highly critical of President Barack Obama’s new “jobs plan.”

“Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President: Your policies have harmed Chattanooga enough,” the headline reads.

(Scroll down for update)

Drew Johnson, the now former opinion page editor at the Free Press, announced his firing on Twitter Thursday and later explained the situation in an exclusive interview with TheBlaze.

“I just became the first person in the history of newspapers to be fired for writing a paper’s most-read article,” Johnson wrote.

The Free Press claims it fired Johnson for “placing a headline on an editorial outside of normal editing procedures.” They are claiming he changed the headline at the last second.

“The headline was inappropriate for this newspaper. It was not the original headline approved for publication, and Johnson violated the normal editing process when he changed the headline,” the paper said in a statement posted on its website. “The newspaper’s decision to terminate Johnson had nothing to do with the content of the editorial, which criticized the president’s job creation ideas and Chattanooga’s Smart Grid. The Free Press page has often printed editorials critical of the president and his policies.”

However, Johnson told TheBlaze in a Thursday phone interview that he has never been made aware of a headline approval “procedure” during his time as the opinion page editor.

“Their claim is that the headline was changed at the last minute, which it was and happens almost every day,” he said. “A lot of times we’ll use filler headlines to hold it until we come up with something better and it has been very common to either change a headline myself or have a copy editor change a headline.”

If the headline truly was the only issue, Johnson explained, the newspaper could have changed it and/or issued a retraction at any time. “That’s what’s so strange to me,” he added.

Johnson told TheBlaze he thinks the editorial, which ran in the paper on Tuesday and remained online, became a big deal at least partly because it was involved President Obama. The president’s visit to Chattanooga also coincided with the editorial’s publication.

“There were definitely some Obama supporters upset that I would dare criticize great leader,” he said. “But the majority of calls I got were overwhelmingly supportive…Most of Chattanooga is conservative.”

Tennessee Newspaper Opinion Editor Fired Over Headline Critical of Obama – He Gives Us the Inside Story |

Illegal Convicted of Child Porn Might Not Be Deported Due to Immigration Reform

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A Mexican national living illegally in the United States has been sentenced for extreme child pornography, but might not be deported after he serves his federal prison sentence due to possible changes surrounding comprehensive immigration reform, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Ricardo Reyes was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for receipt of child pornography, specifically downloading and saving videos and images of sexual acts between children. Disturbingly, the U.S. Attorney’s Office press release stated: “After his release from prison, if not deported, Reyes will begin a five year term of supervised release.”

Illegal Convicted of Child Porn Might Not Be Deported Due to Immigration Reform

The “if not deported” phrase is not normal for a press release in a case like this. The lack of certainty that deportation will occur led Breitbart News to contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office regarding the reasoning behind the expressed uncertainty.

U.S. Attorney’s Office of the District of Nebraska Criminal Chief Jan Sharp gave this response in a telephone interview with Breitbart News:

There isn’t necessarily a substantive difference between “might be deported” and “will be deported.” The expectation is that he will be deported, but with all that’s going on, it’s possible the laws will change between now and the end of his sentence and he might not be.

The statement indicates high ranking member within the U.S. Attorney’s Office realizes the impact comprehensive immigration reform could have and result in illegal aliens who engage in the receipt and distribution of child pornography being allowed to stay in the United States.

According to the criminal complaint against the Reyes, there existed a file on his computer titled “4yo Girl And 5Yo Suck Look.” The investigator noted: “The compilation video has numerous children from two to nine years of age engaged in oral and vaginal sex.”

The investigator also noted: “Reyes stated that he planned to move back to Mexico in the near future and that he did not have any identification.”

The investigator’s description of one of the videos described it as involving a “…prepubescent child in oral, vaginal, and anal sex.”

This case comes on the heels of several illegal aliens being arrested in Austin, Texas for allegedly picking up and raping a 13-year old girl as they cheered and videotaped each other.

Illegal Convicted of Child Porn Might Not Be Deported Due to Immigration Reform.

Obama – Divider-in-Chief – Says Race Relations May Worsen if He Doesn’t Get What He Wants

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I believe we are beginning to see who the racist is…..

The president in recent days has suggested he will back massive new spending outlays, including funding for vast programs like infrastructure projects and early childhood education.

Obama vowed to act unilaterally if Congress blocks him.

“I’m not just going to sit back if the only message from some of these folks is no on everything, and sit around and twiddle my thumbs for the next 1,200 days,” he said.

Barack Obama, the great Divider-in-Chief, has been doing whatever he can to convince people that his way is the best way, even though the facts provide an opposite picture. Aside from his usual rhetoric, he is now, once again, emphasizing race relations as a reason to ensure that his agenda becomes the law of the land.

In a recent speech (if he isn’t pontificating, he’s vacationing), he essentially said that if Congress doesn’t get in gear and apply his prescriptions to America’s economy, things will get worse. “If we don’t do anything, then growth will be slower than it should be. Unemployment will not go down as fast as it should. Income inequality will continue to rise…Racial tensions won’t get better; they may get worse, because people will feel as if they’ve got to compete with some other group to get scraps from a shrinking pot. If the economy is growing, everybody feels invested.” (emphasis added)

Obama - Divider-in-Chief - Says Race Relations May Worsen if He Doesn't Get What He Wants : Freedom Outpost

Obama - Divider-in-Chief - Says Race Relations May Worsen if He Doesn't Get What He Wants : Freedom Outpost

Obama - Divider-in-Chief - Says Race Relations May Worsen if He Doesn't Get What He Wants : Freedom Outpost

Basically, in spite of the undeniable fact that Obama’s programs (like Obamacare) are destroying America’s economy, he has the gall to say that if Congress doesn’t do what he wants done, then not only will unemployment continue to rise, but race relations will worsen.

Yet, he and other Democrats are totally behind immigration “reform” that will do nothing but hurt those people already having a tough time getting or keeping jobs because of the economy that Obama has done nothing to help. The sad fact is that people hear his speeches and applaud them, fully believing what he says. There is a huge disconnect between Obama’s reality and the actual reality that is affecting millions of Americans daily. People need to start reading into the plans behind the North American Union. Search it out to find out more.

The man behind the curtain...

The man behind the curtain…

Mr. Obama’s plan appears to be decimating America’s economy. If that’s the case, then he’s doing a perfectly wonderful job.

He just took a vacation to Africa that cost taxpayers over $100 million. He’s planning another one to Martha’s Vineyard that will cost millions more. How many vacations does this man need? Meanwhile, we’ve got sequestration that is affecting millions of people and the economy is killing businesses left and right and many jobs with it. People are suffering. Not him. Not his family. He treats himself like a king on the taxpayer’s dime and punishes the average citizen when Congress doesn’t comply with his demands.

The most troubling part of what Obama says though is how the worsening of our economy may affect race relations negatively. He is simply planting seeds of discontent. He is giving minorities a reason to go on the warpath if Obama doesn’t get what he wants. He is, in a very real way, telling minorities to take note of what happens and if his agenda is not rolled out, then they should take their frustrations out on whites. That is the implication and this is not what a president – who is supposed to represent all people – do. This type of rhetoric is despicable, yet this is what Obama does. Many blacks have asked things like, “what do you mean, Obama has made race relations worse? He’s telling it like it is!” and that is what they firmly believe.

Read more:

Obama – Divider-in-Chief – Says Race Relations May Worsen if He Doesn’t Get What He Wants : Freedom Outpost.

Canada, Mexico become part of U.S. ‘homeland’ during NSA Senate briefing

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From Yahoo Canada. ..

Senator Diane Feinstein, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was defending the National Security Agency’s top secret spying when she brought out a prop identifying North America — the United States, Canada and Mexico — as the “Homeland”. (This should be no surprise to Steve’s listeners or our blog readers thru the years.  What am I referring to? The creation of the North American Union….Canada, the US and Mexico as one.)

“You may also be surprised to learn that our homeland now includes both Mexico and Canada, two areas that we understood to be autonomous nations that are not part of the United States,” noted the Atlantic Wire, the publication which first reported the unorthodox map.

“Normally, this would be written off as a design goof, as one of the NSA’s (newly adept) graphics guys using a little more light blue than he ought.

“This being the NSA, we’re not inclined to offer that benefit of the doubt. Is this a way of blending in Canadian and Mexican terror activity disruptions (which, we’ll remind you, is different from actual plots interrupted) to give a larger sense of the NSA’s success at halting terrorism within our borders?”

Or, perhaps the term was used in the spirit of greater cooperation as Canada and the U.S. work towards the Canada-U.S. perimeter security pact.

On Wednesday, for example, the Canadian Press reported that the United States wants its police officers to be exempt from Canadian law when taking part in cross-border policing initiatives.

The full Atlantic Wire story can be read here.


Canada, Mexico become part of U.S. ‘homeland’ during NSA Senate briefing | Canada Politics – Yahoo! News Canada.

IRS Chief: I Want to Keep My Health Care Plan, Not Switch to Obamacare

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IRS chief Daniel Werfel says he wants to keep his health care plan, not switch to Obamacare:

“Mr. Werfel, last week your employees who are a member of the National Treasury Employee’s Union sent a form letter for union members to send in to ask they be exempt from the exchanges,” a congressman asked. “Why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law that you’re tasked to enforce?”

“I don’t want to speak for the NTEU, but I’ll offer a perspective as a federal employee myself and a federal employee at the IRS,” said the IRS chief. “And that is, we have right now as employees of the government, of the IRS, affordable health care coverage. I think the ACA was designed to provide an option or an alternative for individuals that do not. And all else being equal, I think if you’re an individual who is satisfied with your health care coverage, you’re probably in a better position to stick with that coverage than go through the change of moving into a different environment and going through that process. So I think for a federal employee, I think more likely, and I would — can speak for myself, I would prefer to stay with the current policy that I’m pleased with rather than go through a change if I don’t need to go through that change.”

IRS Chief: I Want to Keep My Health Care Plan, Not Switch to Obamacare | The Weekly Standard.

Sen. Corker not on board with latest effort to derail Obamacare

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Of course Corker doesn’t want to defund Obamacare, the Obama won’t invite him to anything again. Time to get rid of Corker next election time at the ballot bax.

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker


U.S. Sen. Bob Corker

Staff Memphis Business Journal

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, is no fan of President Obama’s signature health reform.

And while he has called Obamacare “a serious pig” that needs to be put on “permanent hold,” Corker does not support the latest effort by several Congressional Republicans to oppose any spending bills that include money to support the law. According to The Leaf-Chronicle, Corker called the push by Republican Sens. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, among others, a “silly effort.”

“I think it’s a silly effort, and what people are really saying who are behind that effort is, ‘We don’t have the courage to roll up our sleeves and deal with real deficit reduction and spending decisions. We want to take ourselves out of the debate and act like we are being principled to the American people by saying if there is one dime of funding for Obamacare we are not going to vote for the (continuing resolution),”‘ Corker said Tuesday on MSNBC.

Sen. Corker not on board with latest effort to derail Obamacare – Memphis Business Journal.

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