To expound on Obamacare- the media talking point is that all pushback (nullification) against the federal government is by the “right” and just “anti-obama.” The majority of “We the People” would push back on ANYONE proposing something like Obamacare, even a Republican. When you start talking about states ignoring federal laws on marijuana and legalizing it for medical use, something most reporters are sympathetic to, it surprises them and obliterates that preconceived notion.

Whether you agree with medical marijuana or not, there is no question that it is a state issue and federal regulation is unconstitutional – just like the notion of a federal health care system.

“Follow the Constitution EVERY issue, every time, no exceptions, no excuses.”

Mark Levin seems to have his best interviews when he goes on Cavuto’s show and today is no different. They spend 20 minutes talking about Obamacare, Congress, a post-constitutional America and more, and it’s fantastic. It’s almost just like hearing Levin on the radio.

Watch video at link below:

FULL INTERVIEW: Watch Mark Levin and Cavuto converse about Obamacare, America, and more… » The Right Scoop –.